Nothing Phone (1) price in Bangladesh [2024]

The Nothing Phone (1) is now officially announced, and this company is planning to create something unique and interesting. Although a new smartphone manufacturer hasn’t joined the scene in a few years, the firm that brought us the Nothing Earbud (1) now claims to have something innovative in their inventory. Today we will talk about Nothing phone(1) price in Bangladesh. Also we will give you some ideas about its specifications.

  Nothing Phone (1) price in Bangladesh

Since Nothing’s founder, Carl Pei, was also a co-founder of the popular phone brand OnePlus, the company unquestionably had the legitimacy to do it. It’s possible that the Nothing Phone 1 will fill the void left by OnePlus’ departure from its original goal of offering high-end specs at an affordable price point.

Now lets see what this upcoming flagship killer phone has in it. The data we include is based on collected information from various trustable sources from Social Media.

Nothing Phone(1) Specifications:

  • Display: 

The display is 6.5” with full amoled. Its refresh rate is 90Hz. As its amoled so you can reserve some good amount of battery power in case you are a heavy user. We all know how much the battery drains due to the display. 

  • Processor:  

There is much possibility that in this phone Snapdragon 7 gen 1 will be used. That means you will get the ultimate performance in gaming,multitasking and much more with better battery backup.

  • Camera: 

From reviews and blogs, we come to know that the main camera will be a 64mp module and the UW lens will be 12mp. 

  • Charging: 

The charging part is kinda interesting and promising. It has fast charging features and wireless charging features also. Not so many mid range budget flagship phone provide both in their phone  like nothing phone did.  It features 45 wired fast charging and 15w wireless charging.

  • Design: 

The design is very handy and stylish. It has a similar look like iPhone 13. The back part of it is transparent. And they add some LED strip in the back part which is unique. As they have some unique back part design , they announced that customized back part will also be available for their phone. 

  • Glyph Interface: 

You can say this is the most attractive part in this phone. They have included an LED stripe in the back. Nothing phone has named it glyph interface. Well when your phone rings it will react differently according to your ringtone. So by seeing the lighting pattern you can tell who is calling you. Also different light patterns can be set for different kind of app.Last of all, when your phone is charging, progress can be seen by a little light indicator at the back specially inserted for charging.

  • OS: 

A new os will be available on this phone. The OS name nothing OS. Graphics are made with dot metrics. The UI is simple and faster than ever. The founder said that it will be greater than one plus. Users can experience some top notch experience while using the phone. It will be using the latest android framework.

  • Ecosystem: 

When a phone brand have all the accessories by themselves to provide its user a  all in all service, then they can call it their own ecosystem. Such as apple,Samsung,Xiaomi has their own phone,earbud,smartwatch,power bank etc. Nothing phone(1) will have a ecosystem that will be exceptional than other. It will be a open ecosystem. That means many brands can add their accessories as the part of it.

Nothing Phone(1) price 2024

Nothing Phone(1) will be launched globally in July 2022. So the price hasnt been reveled yet. But from many youtube videos and blog post on Google, we can assume that the price will be not more than 700$.

Lets wait for the launching time arrival. We will see a new era of smartphone in the industry. Then we can expect that Nothing phone(1) price will be known for sure.

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