iPhone X price in Bangladesh

Introducing you to a new era of the iPhone. Yes, we are talking about the iPhone X. A phone you didn’t think but you get in your hand. iPhone X became the undisputed phone in 2017. Why did it become so sensational that time? Well because of its features and designs. Like any other Apple phone, it had broken the wall of all limits. We will talk about iPhone x price in Bangladesh and Specifications in detail.

 iphone X price in Bangladesh

iPhone x launched on November 3,2017. In that time Samsung and Huawei also launched their flagship galaxy s9 plus and p20 pro. They had some impression on photography and in performance, but nothing could beat the mighty iPhone x.

iPhone x price and specifications:

Lets see why iPhone x had earned that much hype in that time.

  • Screen: It has best screen quality among all the iPhone model ever released. Has a OLED display which is Samsung manufactured specially for Apple. It solves all the problem regarding OLED screen. Making it a perfect display with a notch in the top.
  • Face Id: iPhone x has a amazing facial rezognization system so far. It unlokcks the phone without any detection error. A smooth biometric lock that everyone wants.
  • Animoji: ANimoji is a advanced emoji feature which allows you to create emoji by using the front camera. Iphone x has mastered this feature to the perfection. Your animoji will give your friends a feel that you are laughing in the emoji form in the messaging. Sounds fun right?
  • Camera: It has excellent rear and back camera. Rear camera is 24mp and back camera is 7mp. Regardless to say that it captures detailed photo even in low light. It takes natural photo in normal light without enhance the color. Gives images a natural vibe. The front camera captures clear photo even in without portrait mode.
  • Design: Iphone x is built with new type of design and shape that comes with much handy. It will fit perfectly in any size of hand except extra small size hand.  A premium design type that will make you feel good. It provides glass back for wireless charging which is new among the flagships. Kinda weighty but that weight is preferable in any way.
  • Battery: BAttery life is better than previous model if we compareit with them. But in Iphone X it has wireless charging system. Which means no more wire to get loppy in your way during the time of charging. It provides 2716 mAh battery.
  • OS: It supports lates ios 12. It adds some new gesture to make your mobile browsing more fun. Also its one hand mode improves in a great way. Because of a smooth os, it has become one of the most powerful phone in the market so far.
Product name  Price(BDT)

iPhone x 

120,500 (256 GB)

Iphone X Pros and cons:

Everything has its good and bad side. Though Apple always produces best phone in the market but we cant ignore the fact that it has some emirates and benefits in its part.


  • It has an amazing screen with OLED.
  • ANimoji is much fun to use in social media.
  • Premium design with much flexibility.
  • True Depth camera is best in the market.
  • Nice face id feature with simplicity.
  • Zoom lens is stable enough and good for macrography.


  • Much more expensive if we compare it with other brand’s flagships. They have almost similar features at a less price.
  • A back case is needed, otherwise metal rim can be bent over with much pressure.
  • First time users wont find it much user friendly.
  • It has no headphone jack. Only Bluetooth headphone can be used. It will consume more battery in heavy use.

We have discussed in brief about the might Iphone X price in Bangladesh along with its features and pros & cons. Hope you can now decide is it perfect for you. Our guide will help you to know about this phone a lot.

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