About Us

Welcome to theĀ  PriceKi.com website. We came up with this website to help people find the actual retail price of products in their locations. For now, we are covering the price of things in Bangladesh. Gradually, we will expand to other countries. Along with the price, users can also know about the product specifications, benefits, drawbacks, and additional information from our website.

The prices of products are collected from official and legitimate sources. We make use of the best authentic sources online if the official price is not available. However, we will not claim that all the product price is 100% accurate as it tends to change quickly.

We also offer short reviews and conclude our thoughts about its price for every product. We hope that you will find the website useful. Please let us know your thoughts about PriceKi.com. You can also contact us for suggestions, queries, and other information through the contact us page.

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