Toyota Corolla Car Price in Bangladesh 2024 & Full Specifications

In the automobile business, the Toyota Corolla has long been a representation of dependability and usefulness. It has become one of the most well-liked automobiles in the whole globe thanks to its pleasant ride, outstanding resale value, and fuel efficiency. The Toyota Corolla maintains a significant market share in Bangladesh thanks to its consistent performance and low ownership costs. We shall examine the cost and features of the Toyota Corolla in Bangladesh for 2024 in this post.

Toyota Corolla Car

The Toyota Corolla is a well-known tiny automobile that has become well-known all over the world for its dependability, usefulness, and fuel efficiency. It has a longstanding reputation for its smooth ride and great resale value and is a representation of reliability. The Toyota Corolla provides alternatives for a range of budgets and tastes with a variety of features and trim levels. The Toyota Corolla is a dependable option that keeps delivering quality and value, whether you’re looking for an affordable daily driver or a roomy family vehicle.

Toyota Corolla Car Price in Bangladesh 2024

The variation and available features determine the pricing of the Toyota Corolla in Bangladesh. Different trim levels, each with a different price, are anticipated for the 2024 model year. The costs listed here are an estimate and are subject to vary as a result of a number of variables, including taxes, import levies, and other fees.

Toyota Corolla X:

The Toyota Corolla X, the entry-level model in the range, is anticipated to cost roughly BDT 25,00,000. It has a 1.6-liter gasoline engine, manual gearbox, power steering, power windows, central locking, dual airbags, ABS, and a simple audio system as standard equipment.

Toyota Corolla G:

The Toyota Corolla G is an improvement above the original model and comes with more amenities. Pricing is anticipated to be at BDT 30,00,000. A 1.8-liter gasoline engine, automatic transmission, alloy wheels, fog lights, keyless entry, push-button start, rearview camera, touchscreen infotainment system, and other features might be included with the Corolla G.

Toyota Corolla GLi:

A more expensive model of the Toyota Corolla that emphasizes comfort and convenience is called the GLi. It is projected to cost between BDT 35,00000 and BDT 40,00000. A 1.8-liter gasoline engine, automatic gearbox, leather seats, automatic temperature control, cruise control. And cutting -edge safety systems like lane departure warning and pre-collision system may be included in the GLi. It may also include a more sophisticated audio system.

Toyota Corolla Altis:

The Corolla Altis is the top-of-the-line Toyota Corolla model in Bangladesh. It is anticipated to cost between BDT 45,00000 and BDT 50,00000. A 1.8-liter gasoline engine, automatic gearbox, LED lighting, sunroof, leather interior, an 8-way power driver’s seat, a JBL premium audio system, enhanced safety measures, and more are anticipated to be included with the Altis.

Toyota Corolla Car Features & Specifications 

The Toyota Corolla is renowned for being dependable, comfortable, and easy to drive. Here are the overall specs anticipated for the 2024 model year, while individual features and specifications may differ across different variants:


Depending on the version, the Toyota Corolla is anticipated to be powered by a 1.6- or 1.8-liter petrol engine. These engines are renowned for their fuel effectiveness and dependability. For daily driving requirements, the power output may range from 122 horsepower to 140 horsepower, offering sufficient acceleration and economy.


Depending on the version, the Corolla probably has both manual and automatic gearbox choices. While the automatic gearbox is more convenient and easy to use, especially in situations with high traffic, the manual transmission delivers a more enjoyable driving experience.

Safety Features:

The Corolla is no exception to Toyota’s commitment to safety. There should be twin front airbags, an anti-lock braking system, electronic brake force distribution, brake assist, a rearview camera, and ISOFIX child seat anchors on board. Higher-end models could include extra safety features including lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, and a pre-collision system.

Interior and Comfort:

The Toyota Corolla’s interior is anticipated to have a well-thought-out and practical layout. Depending on the model, it could provide roomy seating for five people with soft fabric or leather upholstery. A power-adjustable driver’s seat, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, automatic temperature control, and cutting-edge infotainment systems with touchscreen interfaces could be included in higher-end models.


The exterior of the Toyota Corolla is anticipated to have a sleek and contemporary appearance. Depending on the model, it could have body-colored mirrors, alloy wheels, LED headlights, fog lights, and chrome elements. The aerodynamic design of the Corolla helps to enhanced fuel economy. And less wind noise in addition to improving its aesthetic appeal.

Fuel Efficiency:

Excellent fuel efficiency is one of the Toyota Corolla’s main advantages. The Corolla can achieve great mileage thanks to its aerodynamic form and economical engine options. Depending on driving circumstances and variations, the anticipated fuel efficiency for the 2024 model year may range from about 12 km/liter to 17 km/liter.

Last Words 

Due to its dependability, fuel efficiency, and comfortable ride the Toyota Corolla is still a well-liked choice among automobile purchasers in Bangladesh. Prices are anticipated to range from BDT 25,00,000 for the entry-level variation to BDT 50,00,000 for the top-end variant for the model year. The Toyota Corolla provides a variety of alternatives to meet various preferences and needs.¬† Whether you’re seeking for a more affordable option or a more opulent driving experience. The Toyota Corolla is still a fierce rival in the Bangladeshi car industry because to its solid reputation and extensive features.

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