Sharp Refrigerator price in Bangladesh 2024

Sharp is a well-known Japanese home electronics company with a large following worldwide. The company offers a wide range of products, including a line of premium refrigerators. Sharp refrigerators are renowned for their elite quality and adherence to customer needs. One of the early adopters of new technology and design in the refrigerator market, the company is quick to incorporate it into its goods. The added attractiveness of that tried-and-true Japanese engineering is a feature of Sharp refrigerators. The brand has developed into one of the top global refrigerator brands as a result of all of these aspects.

Nowadays, refrigerators are a necessary component of our daily life. They are crucial for food preservation, cooling down beverages, and storing perishable goods. Sharp has made a name for itself as a reputable and trustworthy brand among the many refrigerator manufacturers that are offered on the market. In-depth information on Sharp refrigerators, their features, and the price range that is offered in Bangladesh is what this page seeks to deliver.

Sharp Refrigerator Features & Specifications 

Sharp is famous for its dedication to cutting-edge technology and innovation. These refrigerators are made with the best performance and energy efficiency in mind while yet catering to a variety of consumer needs. Let’s look at some of the distinguishing qualities of Sharp refrigerators:

Inverter Technology

Advanced inverter technology, used by Sharp refrigerators, enables accurate temperature control and energy efficiency. Due to the technology’s ability to modify compressor speed based on cooling needs, less energy is used, and the system runs more quietly.

Hybrid Cooling System

Sharp’s hybrid cooling technology ensures even cooling throughout the refrigerator, preserving your food’s freshness for a longer period of time. In order to achieve the ideal temperature and humidity levels, this system combines direct cooling (for the freezer compartment) and fan cooling (for the fridge compartment).

Plasmacluster Ion Technology

Food is preserved longer because to plasmacluster ion technology, a special feature present in some Sharp models. Positive and negative ions are released into the refrigerator by the Plasmacluster Ion technology, efficiently eliminating bacteria, molds, and odors.

J-Tech Inverter

Some Sharp refrigerators use the J-Tech inverter technology, which provides effective cooling performance while using less electricity. Additionally, it guarantees rapid freezing and keeps the temperature steady even during voltage variations.

Sharp Refrigerator Price Range in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, Sharp provides a wide selection of refrigerators to suit a variety of needs and price points. Sharp refrigerator costs may vary based on elements including size, capacity, features, and design. The pricing range for Sharp refrigerators in Bangladesh is summarized below:

Single Door Refrigerators: Sharp offers single-door refrigerators with prices starting at around BDT 20,000 that are tiny and ideal for single people or small families. These devices frequently provide simple storage options and energy-efficient technology.

Double Door Refrigerators: There are many different sizes and styles of double-door refrigerators from Sharp. The starting point for these models’ pricing range is normally around BDT 30,000. They provide lots of storage, separate freezer and refrigerator compartments, and cutting-edge features including eco-mode and inverter technology.

Side-by-Side Refrigerators: Sharp’s side-by-side refrigerators are a great option for people looking for more storage space and deluxe amenities. These models include roomy cabins, cutting-edge air conditioning systems, digital displays, and frost-free operating, among other advantages. Depending on the size and features, side-by-side refrigerators can cost as little as 70,000 BDT or as much as 150,000 BDT.

How to choose best Sharp Refrigerator in Bangladesh?

There are various things to think about when buying a Sharp refrigerator in Bangladesh to make sure you pick the best model for your requirements:

 Capacity: Based on the size of your family and the amount of storage you need, figure out the optimum capacity. Think about things like the number of family members, how often you go grocery shopping, and the amount of space in your kitchen.

Energy Efficiency: To lower electricity use and save money on utility bills, look for models with greater energy efficiency ratings. Inverter-equipped Sharp refrigerators are renowned for their ability to use less energy.

Design and Space: Evaluate the space you have in your kitchen, and take the design and size of the refrigerator into consideration. Sharp offers a selection of fashionable styles to complement various kitchen aesthetics.

Additional Features: Determine which extra features are crucial to you, such as frost-free operation, movable shelves, distinct sections, water dispensers, or ice makers. Pick a model within your price range that offers the desired characteristics.

Warranty and After-Sales Service

Sharp is dedicated to offering its customers in Bangladesh top-notch after-sales support. Make sure the refrigerator has a guarantee, and find out if there are any approved service providers nearby.

Last Words 

Sharp refrigerators are renowned for their cutting-edge technology, premium construction, and dependable operation. Sharp provides alternatives to fit a variety of budgets and needs thanks to its broad model selection in Bangladesh. You may choose a Sharp refrigerator wisely by taking into account aspects like capacity, energy efficiency, design, and added amenities. To improve your cooking experience and guarantee the freshness and lifespan of your food supplies, invest in a Sharp refrigerator.

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