RFL Submersible Pump Price in Bangladesh 2024

Due to Bangladesh’s reliance on groundwater for numerous uses, including irrigation, industrial processes, and home use, the demand for effective and dependable water pumps has been constantly rising. RFL submersible pumps are among the top brands on the market and have grown incredibly popular because of their excellent performance, dependability, and affordability. To help readers make educated judgments, this page tries to give a thorough review of RFL submersible pumps and their costs in Bangladesh. Are you interested in learning how much the RFL Submersible Pump costs in Bangladesh? It is mentioned in the article. The price and details of the various models of the RFL Submersible Pump are provided below.

RFL Submersible Pumps

RFL, a well-known Bangladeshi company, has made a name for itself as a reliable producer of a variety of goods, including submersible pumps. Submersible pumps are made to function submerged, making it possible to efficiently draw water from wells, boreholes, and reservoirs. Clean water, wastewater, and even caustic fluids can all be handled by these pumps.

Key Features of RFL Submersible Pumps

Efficient Performance: RFL submersible pumps are designed to produce high pumping capacities, assuring a steady and dependable water supply.

Durable Design: The pumps are constructed from durable materials to endure the punishing effects of submersion and provide enduring performance.

Energy Efficiency: RFL submersible pumps are cost- and environmentally-efficient since they are made with a low energy consumption design.

Low Maintenance: These pumps require less maintenance, which lowers the overall cost of ownership for users.

Simple Installation: RFL submersible pumps are simple to install in wells or boreholes and are user-friendly.

RFL Submersible Pump Models and Price Range

RFL provides a wide selection of submersible pump models to meet various water extraction needs. Here is a list of some common RFL submersible pump models in Bangladesh along with a price range for each:

RFL FP5-28 Submersible Pump:

  • Price Range: BDT 7,500 – BDT 8,500
  • Key Specifications: 0.5 HP, 28-meter head, 50-liter per minute flow rate

RFL FP8-30 Submersible Pump:

  • Price Range: BDT 9,000 – BDT 10,500
  • Key Specifications: 0.75 HP, 30-meter head, 75-liter per minute flow rate

FP10-40 Submersible Pump:

  • Price Range: BDT 11,500 – BDT 13,000
  • Key Specifications: 1 HP, 40-meter head, 100-liter per minute flow rate

RFL FP15-50 Submersible Pump:

  • Price Range: BDT 13,500 – BDT 15,500
  • Key Specifications: 1.5 HP, 50-meter head, 125-liter per minute flow rate

RFL FP20-80 Submersible Pump:

  • Price Range: BDT 17,000 – BDT 19,000
  • Key Specifications: 2 HP, 80-meter head, 175-liter per minute flow rate

Factors Affecting RFL Submersible Pump Prices

Several factors influence the prices of RFL submersible pumps in Bangladesh. These factors include:

Horsepower: Pumps with more horsepower cost more on average since they are more powerful and have better performance.

Head and Flow Rate: Because they can manage more demanding water extraction needs, pumps with higher head and flow rate capacities may cost more.

Materials and Construction: Due to their increased dependability and longevity, pumps produced with better materials and construction methods may cost more.

Brand Reputation: Because of their reputation for making dependable products, well-known brands like RFL frequently fetch slightly higher costs.

Last Words 

In Bangladesh, RFL submersible pumps are a great option for effective water extraction. They are a well-liked option among consumers due to their strong performance, robustness, and affordability. In order to get the most return on your investment when considering buying an RFL submersible pump, it is critical to evaluate your unique water extraction needs and compare pricing across authorized dealers. Customers may make well-informed judgments and get a dependable water pumping solution for their needs by being aware of the features, specs, and pricing ranges of RFL submersible pumps in Bangladesh.

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