Phoenix cycle price in Bangladesh 2024

Phoenix has a long background history before being established as a brand all over the world. Shanghai Phoenix (Group) Company Limited was officially known as Tongchang Bicycle Shop in 1987. Then in 1993, they moved to the public sector. It is also noted that it is one of the first brands to win the title of famous brand in China. Phoenix Company is a trusted and popular brand in Bangladesh.

They make the most common bicycles for use by the people of Bangladesh. Moreover, bicycle is a very good vehicle for a healthy and environment friendly system. Even phoenix company designs the most modern classic bicycles, that’s why all the people of Bangladesh love their bicycles.

Phoenix cycle price in Bangladesh

Two words bicycle and cycle are very familiar in our society. To be honest, the social culture of our country still has a good practice of using chakras for daily living. Because bicycle is very cheap vehicle and easy to carry everywhere. If you go to any village in our country, you will see that most of the people are using bicycles for their daily work. This is a common sight among the villagers. However, even in urban areas we will see plenty of people using bicycles for both exercise and activity purposes. Also, Phoenix Bike aims to provide a healthy and trendy high-quality lifestyle. So, we all can choose the bike as an eco-friendly bike for our daily work. Below we have listed some Phoenix brand bicycle prices.

Phoenix Cycle Price in BD

Phoenix Bicycle is a popular bicycle manufacturer brand named Phoenix Company Limited. This brand is also known as Shanghai Phoenix Bicycle. It has become a popular brand for its mind blowing and amazing products. This brand manufactures a wide variety of products and exports to more than 50 countries worldwide. Annually, this famous brand earns more than US$60 million. Supported by the Shanghai Municipal Government, Phoenix Brand is a famous export brand. In order to protect intellectual property, the Phoenix brand is listed in the records of China Customs. In 84 countries of the world, this brand is registered to export their products.

Phoenix Bicycle in Bangladesh

Phoenix is a trusted and popular chain based in China in Bangladesh. It is the most common bicycle used by the people of Bangladesh. It is a good cycle for healthy and environment friendly system. Phoenix also a modern classic designed cycle. Phoenix Bicycles has a mission to provide a healthy and trendy high-quality lifestyle. So, all in all we can choose this bicycle as an eco-friendly bicycle for our daily work. The word bicycle is very popular in our general society of Bangladesh.
Moreover, the socio-culture of our country still has a good practice of using bicycles in daily life. Moreover, the people of the rural society of our country use bicycles more. When you go from town to village you will see most of the people use bicycles for their daily activities. It is an eco-friendly vehicle.

Phoenix Bicycle price List in Bangladesh 2024

Model Name Price In BDT
Phoenix 1700 18,100/- Tk
Phoenix 1400 14,100/- Tk
Phoenix Classic 11,100/- Tk
Phoenix Banner 9,900/- Tk
Phoenix EUR 15,100/- Tk
Phoenix Hurricane 9,100/- Tk
Phoenix Double Spock Wheel 7,100/- Tk
Phoenix 24″ Metal Body 21 10,500/- Tk
Phoenix 26″ Alloy 21 12,500/- Tk

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