IPS Battery Price in Bangladesh 2024

In today’s technologically advanced world, the need for continuous power supply is more vital than ever. IPS (Instant Power Supply) batteries have emerged as a crucial option for homes and companies alike in Bangladesh, where power outages are regular. IPS batteries offer backup power during power outages, ensuring that electrical equipment continue to operate normally. This article examines the evolution of IPS battery prices in Bangladesh, identifying the variables that influence them and analysing market trends.

IPS Battery Price in Bangladesh

IPS is now widely used to alleviate the problem of load shedding. The essential component of the IPS is the battery, which stores electrical energy for later use. In Bangladesh, Hemco, Luminous, RahimAfroz, Sukam, and more IPS battery brands are now available.

IPS battery prices in Bangladesh now range from TK 8,500 to TK 9,000, depending on the type, brand, and ampere. 100 amp-hour IPS batteries cost between TK 12,000 and TK 14,000. A 150 amp IPS battery costs between TK 18,000 and TK 20,000. In addition, depending on the battery type, 200 amp IPS batteries cost between TK 24,000 and TK 31,000.

IPS Battery Market in Bangladesh

Due to rising power supply issues, the IPS battery industry in Bangladesh has grown significantly in recent years. With frequent load shedding and insufficient power distribution infrastructure, IPS batteries have become essential in both urban and rural locations. To meet the different demands of consumers, the market provides a broad selection of IPS battery brands and capacities.

Factors Influencing IPS Battery Prices

Several variables influence the pricing of IPS batteries in Bangladesh. These elements are as follows:

Battery Capacity: IPS batteries are available in a variety of capacities ranging from 600VA to 10KVA or more. Higher capacity batteries can give longer backup durations and power more appliances, but they are also more expensive.

Battery Technology: The cost is influenced by the type of battery technology employed, such as sealed lead-acid (SLA) or lithium-ion (Li-ion). Although more expensive at first, Li-ion batteries have a longer lifespan and charge faster than SLA batteries.

Brand and Quality: Well-known brands with high quality standards sometimes attract higher pricing. Well-known businesses engage in research and development to ensure that their goods match performance standards and last longer.

Features and Functionality: IPS batteries with additional features such as LCD screens, smart charging, surge protection, and built-in inverters tend to be more expensive. These enhanced features improve the IPS system’s ease and performance.

 Market Competition: Pricing can be influenced by market dynamics and rivalry among manufacturers and suppliers. In order to attract clients, fierce competition may need price cuts or promotional incentives.

Current IPS Battery Price Range

The cost of IPS batteries in Bangladesh varies depending on the criteria discussed above. As of today, the following is the approximate pricing range for IPS batteries:

  • IPS batteries with capacities ranging from 600VA to 1.2KVA: BDT 5,000 to BDT 12,000
  • IPS batteries with capacities ranging from 1.5KVA to 3.5KVA: BDT 12,000 to BDT 25,000
  • IPS batteries with capacities of 4KVA and higher: BDT 25,000 to BDT 70,000 or more

It is important to remember that these prices are estimates and subject to vary based on market dynamics and particular brand offers.

Key Brands and their Pricing Strategy

In the Bangladeshi market, there are several well-known IPS battery brands, each with its unique price approach. RahimAfrooz, Walton, Hamko, Navana, Vision, and Duracell are among well-known brands. These companies provide a diverse range of IPS batteries with differing capacity and features to meet the needs of various client segments and budgets.

Where to Buy IPS Batteries in BD?

IPS batteries are extensively available in Bangladesh, thanks to a large number of authorized distributors and merchants. Customers may purchase them through electronics stores, specialist battery retailers, and internet marketplaces. To assure authentic items and after-sales service, it is best to buy IPS batteries from trusted merchants.

Last Words 

In Bangladesh, IPS batteries have become a vital option for power backup demands, addressing the country’s electricity supply concerns. While price changes are influenced by factors such as battery capacity, technology, brand, features, and market rivalry, the general trend has been a progressive drop in costs. Consumers may now choose from a variety of IPS battery solutions at varying price points, allowing them to make educated decisions based on their needs and budgets. As technology advances and the market changes, IPS batteries are anticipated to become even more economical and efficient, boosting the country’s power backup system.

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