How to Get Your Boost Mobile Transfer PIN and Account Number? Complete Guide

Switching to Boost Mobile and keeping your favorite phone number? Good choice! To start the transfer process, you’ll need two important pieces of information from your current carrier: your account number and transfer PIN (also known as port-out PIN). Boost Mobile customers, like many other carriers, may require a transfer PIN and account number when switching to another carrier while retaining their current phone number. In this article we will show you step by step how to get your Boost Mobile Transfer PIN and Account Number.

What Is Boost Mobile Transfer PIN?

Boost Mobile Transfer PIN is a unique code that enables customers to switch carriers while keeping their phone number. Acting as a secure identifier, this PIN is crucial for initiating transfers between mobile service providers This ensures a smooth transition without losing your existing number or experiencing service interruption.

What Is Boost Mobile Account Number?

The Boost Mobile Account Number is a vital identifier for customers, serving as a unique reference linked to their mobile service account. This number is essential for various account-related activities including transfers to other carriers, number porting and managing account details. Understanding and accessing your Boost Mobile account number ensures smooth transition and effective management of your mobile services.

How to Get Your Boost Mobile Account Number?

There are two primary ways to retrieve your Boost Mobile account number:


  • Visit and enter your login credentials.
  • Once logged in, locate the section for “Account Settings” or “My Profile”.
  • The specific location might vary slightly depending on the interface, but it’s usually displayed prominently within your profile information.

Contact Boost Mobile customer service:

  • Dial 1-888-266-7848: This is the official Boost Mobile customer service number.
  • Follow the prompts: The automated system will guide you through the options. Choose the one related to account information or transferring your number.
  • Speak to a representative: Once connected to a customer service agent, explain your need for the account number and they will retrieve it for you.

How to Get Your Boost Mobile Transfer PIN ?

  • Log in to your Boost Mobile account: Follow the same steps as mentioned earlier to access your online account.
  • Locate the transfer PIN section: Look for options like “Request Transfer PIN,” “Port Out PIN,” or similar phrasing within your account settings or profile section.
  • Generate the PIN: Depending on the interface, you might need to verify your identity using your account password or IMEI/ICCID number before the system generates and sends the PIN via text message.

By following these steps, you will be able to retrieve your Boost Mobile account number and transfer PIN effortlessly With this information in hand, you can transfer your phone number to Boost Mobile and enjoy their services

Importance of Transfer PIN and Account Number​

  • Transfer PIN: This is a unique numeric code used to authenticate your identity when transferring your phone number to another carrier. This acts as a safeguard against unauthorized transfers and ensures that only the correct account owner can initiate such a process.
  • Account Number: This identifier serves as a reference for your account within Boost Mobile’s system. When switching carriers, providing your account number facilitates a seamless transfer of your phone number while maintaining your existing service features.

Last Words 

Acquiring your Boost Mobile Transfer PIN and Account Number is an easy process, thanks to the various channels provided by the carrier for customer support. By using online account management tools, contacting customer support, engaging in live chat sessions or visiting a retail store, you can get the information you need to facilitate a smooth transition to a new service provider while maintaining your phone number and service features.

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