Hiace Car Price in Bangladesh 2024 & Full Specifications

A well-known and much desired multi-purpose vehicle (MPV), the Toyota Hiace has become extremely well-liked in Bangladesh. The Hiace has a number of qualities that make it appropriate for a range of applications and is renowned for its adaptability, dependability, and spaciousness. The goal of this page is to give comprehensive details regarding the Hiace car’s characteristics and specs, as well as its pricing in Bangladesh.

Hiace Car Price in Bangladesh

To meet the demands of diverse customers, Toyota provides multiple Hiace models in Bangladesh. The following list includes some of the well-liked Hiace models offered on the Bangladeshi market, along with each model’s associated cost:

Toyota Hiace 16 Seater Price 4,200,000 Taka
Toyota Hiace 12 Seater Price 4,000,000 Taka

Hiace Car Features and Specifications

Exterior Design:
  • The Hiace has a boxy and utilitarian appearance that emphasizes its usefulness and practicality.
  • It boasts a wide front grille, attractive headlamps, and a sturdy body.
Interior Design and Seating Capacity:
  • The inside of the Hiace is roomy and well-designed.
  • It can easily seat 10 to 15 persons depending on the variation.
Engine and Performance:
  • The Hiace has a strong and economical diesel engine.
  • Engine choices vary, however it usually has a 2.8L turbocharged diesel engine.
  • The engine provides smooth acceleration, plenty of torque, and excellent fuel efficiency.
  • The Hiace is often equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission or a 6-speed automatic transmission, which provides a comfortable driving experience.
Safety Features:
  • The Hiace focuses safety with technologies including anti-lock braking, electronic brake-force distribution (EBD), vehicle stability control (VSC), traction control, and several airbags.
  • Some models may include extra safety features like parking sensors and a rearview camera.
Comfort and Convenience:
  • The Hiace is designed with passenger comfort and convenience in mind.
  • It has comfortable seats with plenty of leg and headroom.
  • Standard amenities include air conditioning, power windows, power steering, and a multi-information display.
  • Higher-end models may have options like touchscreen infotainment systems, back air conditioning, and power-adjustable seats.
Cargo Space and Versatility:
  • The design of the Hiace stresses its adaptability for a variety of uses, including commercial and passenger transportation.
  • It has plenty of cargo capacity, allowing for simple loading and unloading of items or luggage.

Why people choose Hiace Car?

People buy Hiace cars for a variety of reasons, making it a popular option among a wide spectrum of clients. Here are some of the main reasons why customers pick the Hiace car:


The Hiace is a flexible vehicle that may be utilized for a variety of tasks. It may be used for business purposes such as transportation, freight delivery, and as a mobile office. It may also be used as a big and comfortable family vehicle for larger parties or people who need a lot of freight capacity.


The Hiace is well-known for its large interior. It has a large seating capacity and plenty of legroom, assuring passenger comfort on extended travels. Because of the variable seating combinations and availability of high roof variations, it is suitable for accommodating taller passengers or hauling heavier cargo.

Reliability and Durability:

Toyota is well-known for producing vehicles that are both reliable and durable, and the Hiace is no different. It is constructed using high-quality materials and technical standards, assuring lifespan and robustness even in harsh environments. The Hiace’s sturdy build and steady performance contribute to its popularity among businesses and people looking for a trustworthy car.

Strong Performance:

The Hiace is powered by powerful and economical engines that provide a smooth and competent ride. The engines provide enough power for both city driving and motorway travel, making it suited for a wide range of road conditions and terrains. The engines in the Hiace are designed to be fuel efficient, which is helpful for business use or long-distance travel.

Safety Features:

Toyota values safety in its vehicles, and the Hiace is outfitted with a variety of safety measures. Anti-lock braking systems (ABS), electronic brake-force distribution (EBD), vehicle stability control (VSC), traction control, and numerous airbags are all standard safety equipment. These safety measures improve occupant protection, offering drivers and passengers peace of mind.

Last Words 

In Bangladesh, the Toyota Hiace is a popular choice because to its spaciousness, adaptability, dependability, and general utility. The Hiace is excellent for both business and personal usage due to its variety of features, pleasant interiors, and robust performance. The prices in this post are estimates and subject to change. For the most up-to-date pricing and availability information, contact authorized Toyota dealerships in Bangladesh.

The adaptability, spaciousness, dependability, excellent performance, safety features, comfort, convenience, and brand reputation of the Toyota Hiace all contribute to its appeal among customers. Whether utilized for professional or personal purposes, the Hiace provides a compelling solution that suits the demands of a diverse spectrum of individuals and enterprises.

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