General AC Price in Bangladesh 2024

General is the most excellent brand of air conditioner worldwide. General is not only a good air conditioner, General AC 2 Ton Price Bangladesh is also a good cooling device. And so, General AC is the best product in Bangladesh. General 2 ton air conditioner is the top selling item. It can cover 240 square feet of floor space with a height of 9 feet. Many are using common 2 ton Ac personally or industrially. The compressor is rotary and the refrigerant is R-22.

When it comes to air conditioning, the general is always there. General air conditioner reliability and durability is a product of Japanese technology with advanced manufacturing techniques and high quality components If you are looking for General AC price in Bangladesh then this guide is for you Select Normal for air conditioning with a room power cool down quickly.

General AC Price in Bangladesh

General AC has a built-in “human sensor” which means it detects how many people are in the room and cools the room accordingly. It also detects human movement and adjusts the cooling accordingly when someone leaves the room. When it detects that most people are inside the room, it is ready to be the coldest. This saves electricity bills. Some models of General AC in Bangladesh have heating and cooling functions which means it can cool the house in summer as well as heat the house in winter. It is ideal for elderly people and children. AC uses “V-PAM Inverter” technology that automatically controls cooling according to environmental conditions.

General AC Price in Bangladesh 2024

General Air Conditioner is a top comprehensive brand. As far as we know General AC has a big influence in Bangladesh AC market. Finally, people of Bangladesh prefer General AC for its advanced excellence and best features with proper specifications. On the other hand, we assure you that you can fulfill trusted products. Dream of having 100% original brand AC in your place and also feel great cooling. Hence, we provide unmatched and up-to-date information on each product. We never cut any ties with our clients. So, every customer depends on our products and services. Finally, we can say that it is an artificial influence on business.

General Air Conditioner price in Bangladesh

General AC prices in Bangladesh start from Tk 45,000 for exceptional technology and durable compressors. This price is for 1-ton non-inverter technology and it can quickly cool an area of 120 square feet. In BD, the price of a general AC ranges from Rs 65,000 to Rs 80,000 depending on the power rating and latest technology. The higher the rating the better as it will reduce the electricity bill a lot with non-inverter technology. A 1.5 ton general AC inverter in Bangladesh will cost at least Tk 90,000.

General AC Price List in Bangladesh 2024

Model Name Price In BDT
General ASGA12BMTA 1 Ton Eco-Friendly Air Conditioner 47,000/- Tk.
General ASGA18FETA 1.5 Ton Eco-Friendly Air Conditioner 78,000/- Tk.
General ASGA24FETA 2 Ton Eco-Friendly Air Conditioner 95,000/- Tk.
General ASGA18FMTB 1.5 Ton 18000 BTU Split 81,000/- Tk.
General ASGA24FETAHA 2 Ton 24000 BTU Split Type 93,000/- Tk.
General ASGA18FETA 1.5 Ton 18000 BTU Split 83,000/- Tk.

Last Words

Buy now according to your budget if you want to buy your favorite AC In 2024.

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