Makeup Foundation Price in Bangladesh 2024

By using makeup, people may accentuate their inherent beauty and express their creativity. Foundation, which offers a perfect foundation for the remaining cosmetics, is an essential part of every beauty process. With a booming beauty industry and rising demand for high-quality cosmetics, Bangladesh has a vast selection of foundation choices to suit all skin types and price ranges. This article will examine cosmetics foundation pricing in Bangladesh while taking into account various brands, varieties, and cost-influencing elements.

Foundation Types in Bangladesh

Liquid Foundation: The most popular and adaptable kind is a liquid foundation. They are available in a variety of finishes, including matte, dewy, and satin, and give varying degrees of coverage, from sheer to full. Depending on the brand and quality, liquid foundation prices in Bangladesh might vary greatly.

Powder Foundation: Powder foundations often give a natural, matte finish and are lightweight. For people with oily or mixed skin, they are perfect. When compared to other varieties, powder foundation costs in Bangladesh might be rather reasonable.

Cream Foundation: Cream foundations offer more coverage and a thicker consistency. They are appropriate for those with mature or dry skin. Due to the composition and effectiveness of cream foundations, they are often a little more costly.

Stick Foundation: Stick foundations are easy to apply and great for touch-ups while traveling. They are appropriate for all skin types and usually offer medium to full coverage. Stick foundations can fluctuate in price based on the brand and composition.

Factors Influencing Foundation Price in BD

Brand Reputation: Due to their reputation, quality, and intensive R&D efforts, well-known worldwide companies sometimes fetch higher pricing. These companies are well renowned for their extensive shade selections and all-inclusive formulae, which may explain why their prices are higher.

Components and Formulation: Foundations with high-quality components, complex formulae, and cutting-edge technology may have greater manufacturing expenses, which will raise the price point. Antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, SPF, and botanical extracts are among additional ingredients that might affect a foundation’s cost.

Packaging: Expensive packaging, including glass bottles or cutting-edge designs, might raise the cost of a foundation altogether. Although the packaging may not have a direct effect on the product’s quality, it may improve the user experience and appeal to customers who place a high value on aesthetics.

Limited Edition or Special Collections: Makeup companies frequently produce foundations from limited edition or special collections that have distinctive packaging or limited-edition colors. Due to their rarity and collector quality, these limited products typically have higher prices.

Popular Makeup Foundation Brands and Price in Bangladesh

MAC Cosmetics: Popular among those who enjoy wearing cosmetics, MAC foundations are renowned for their wide selection of hues and high-quality ingredients. MAC foundations generally cost between BDT 2,500 and BDT 5,000 in Bangladesh, depending on the formulation.

Maybelline New York: Maybelline is a drugstore brand that provides budget-friendly foundations without sacrificing quality. Prices for Maybelline foundation in Bangladesh typically vary from 800 to 1,500 BDT, making them affordable for a variety of customers.

L’Oréal Paris: L’Oréal Paris foundations are renowned for their wide selection of color options and cutting-edge formulations. Depending on the exact product line, L’Oréal foundation costs in Bangladesh range from BDT 1,000 to BDT 3,000.

Estée Lauder: Known for its upscale beauty products, Estée Lauder foundations offer opulent finishes and all-day wear. Estée Lauder foundations generally cost between BDT 4,000 and BDT 8,000 in Bangladesh, indicating the reputation of the brand.

Revlon: Revlon has a selection of foundations that are suitable for all skin types and tastes. Since Revlon foundations typically cost between BDT 1,000 and BDT 2,500 in Bangladesh, many customers find them to be an economical alternative.

Last Words 

There are many choices for different budgets and preferences when it comes to makeup foundation costs in Bangladesh. Customers have the option to experiment with various formulas, textures, and coverage levels, ranging from budget-friendly drugstore products to high-end luxury goods. People may make educated decisions and discover the ideal foundation that enhances their natural beauty by taking into account variables including brand reputation, ingredients, packaging, and personal preferences. Always keep in mind that a foundation’s cost should be compared to its performance, quality, and fit for your particular needs.

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