Folding Tables Price In Bangladesh 2024

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Folding Tables Price In Bangladesh

Due to its adaptability, simplicity, and space-saving attributes, folding tables have gained popularity in Bangladesh for both home and business settings. Folding tables provide a useful option whether you need an additional table for a party, a mobile workstation, or a temporary dining set-up. Understanding the price range and variables that may affect it is crucial if you’re thinking about buying a folding table in Bangladesh. This thorough guide will give you important details about folding table costs in Bangladesh, assisting you in making an educated purchase decision.

Factors Affecting Folding Tables Prices

Material: A number of materials are available for folding tables, each with a unique set of features and price ranges. Plastic, wood, metal, and composite materials are common materials. The least priced alternative is often plastic, while wood and metal tables are typically more expensive owing to their strength and aesthetic appeal.

Table Size and Shape: The folding table’s size and form have a big influence on its cost. Due to the additional materials needed, larger tables or ones with unusual forms may be more expensive. Comparatively speaking to round or oval foldable tables, rectangular and square ones are often more cheap.

Table Design and Features: Folding tables are available in a variety of styles and feature combinations. Some tables could contain cup holders or umbrella holes in addition to changeable height settings, built-in storage shelves, or other extras. Typically, tables with these extra functions cost more than simpler models.

Brand and Quality: The folding table’s brand and quality might also affect the cost. Established companies that place a high value on quality and craftsmanship could charge more for their goods. In general, higher-quality tables survive longer and are therefore a better long-term investment.

Weight Capacity and Stability: Stability and weight capacity are important factors to take into account, especially when buying a folding table for heavy-duty or commercial use. Due to the use of stronger materials and building methods, tables with higher weight capabilities or reinforced frames may cost more.

Price Range of Folding Tables in Bangladesh

Plastic Folding Tables: With costs ranging from Tk 1,000 to Tk 5,000, plastic folding tables are the most cost-effective alternative. The size, style, and brand may all affect the price. Simple plastic folding tables with smaller sizes and basic features may be purchased for less money.

Wooden folding tables: These tables provide a more upscale and robust alternative. In Bangladesh, prices for hardwood folding tables generally vary from 5,000 to 20,000 Tk. The price varies according to the brand, size, brand, kind of wood, and complexity of the design.

Metal Folding Tables: Folding tables made of metal are renowned for their durability and solidity. Price ranges for aluminum foldable tables might be between 3,000 and 15,000 Tk. Depending on the metal type, level of design intricacy, size, and brand, the cost may change.

Composite Material Folding Tables: Folding tables made of composite material strike a compromise between affordability and durability by combining diverse materials like metal and wood. Prices for foldable tables made of composite materials generally vary from 3,000 to 12,000 Tk. Depending on the brand, design, and materials employed, the price may change.

Last Words 

Considering buying a folding table in Bangladesh? Consider your demands, spending limit, and desired characteristics. To discover the greatest offer, it is advised to visit nearby furniture stores, browse internet marketplaces, and compare costs from other vendors. Always put quality, dependability, and functionality above price. A high-quality foldable table may last for many years and be beneficial if you invest in one.

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