Dengue Test Price in Bangladesh 2024

In Bangladesh, the widespread viral illness dengue fever offers a serious public health concern. Early detection and precise diagnosis are now essential due to the rise in dengue infections in recent years. This page seeks to give readers useful details about the numerous dengue tests offered in Bangladesh and their associated costs, empowering them to make decisions about their healthcare need.

The cost of the NS1 test, which detects dengue, has been set by the government at Tk 100 for state-run institutions and Tk 300 for private ones. After Bangladesh recorded 167 dengue deaths so far this year, breaking the previous annual record, the government decided to charge for a dengue diagnostic test, which has been free at state-run hospitals since 2019.

What is Dengue Virus?

The Flaviviridae family of single-stranded RNA viruses includes the dengue virus. Infected Aedes mosquitoes, especially Aedes aegypti and, to a lesser degree, Aedes albopictus, bite people to predominantly spread the disease. Four different serotypes of the virus exist: DEN-1, DEN-2, DEN-3, and DEN-4.

The dengue virus enters the bloodstream when a person is bitten by an infected mosquito. The virus then starts to reproduce and starts to target different immune system cells. Dendritic cells, monocytes, and macrophages are among the lymphatic system’s constituent cells that are most commonly impacted.

The dengue virus takes between 4 and 10 days to fully develop, after which time symptoms may start to show. It is essential to remember that not every person infected with the virus will have symptoms. While some people may only have a minor case of the illness or show no symptoms, others may suffer more serious symptoms.

Dengue Test Price in Bangladesh

Today, the government set the costs for all private hospitals, clinics, and diagnostic facilities around the nation to conduct the necessary medical tests to identify dengue. Since the Aedes-aegypti mosquito thrives in clean stagnant water, dengue cases often increase in Bangladesh when mosquito attacks increase during the monsoon season. However, this year, the months of September and October saw an increase in dengue incidence. With a series of actions, the government and local authorities have stepped up their attempts to maintain control of the situation.

The pricing of dengue tests vary in Bangladesh according to a number of reasons. These variables include the diagnostic center’s standing, location, level of service, technology, and staff’s medical knowledge. The total cost may also be affected by extra services like consultation fees, sample collection costs, or accelerated test findings.

Dengue Test Prices in Bangladesh 2024

Several variables, including the type of test, the healthcare institution, location, and extra services offered, might affect the price of dengue testing in Bangladesh. The approximate pricing ranges shown below might change over time.

  1. NS1 Antigen Test: The price of an NS1 antigen test in Bangladesh generally ranges from BDT 500 to BDT 1,000.
  2. Dengue IgM/IgG Antibody Test: The cost of a dengue antibody test varies between BDT 300 and BDT 800. Some healthcare facilities may offer a combined IgM/IgG test, while others may provide separate tests.
  3. RT-PCR Test: The price of an RT-PCR test can range from BDT 2,000 to BDT 4,000. This test is usually conducted in specialized laboratories or referral centers and may take longer to deliver results.

Types of Dengue Tests

NS1 Antigen Test: This test looks for the NS1 protein, which the dengue virus secretes. Within the initial few days of the beginning of symptoms, it is typically the first test advised for probable dengue patients.

IgM/IgG antibody test for dengue: This test looks for antibodies the immune system makes in response to a dengue infection. IgG antibodies are indicative of a prior infection or immunity, whereas IgM antibodies are often present during the acute stage of the illness.

RT-PCR test: Reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction test The genetic material (RNA) of the dengue virus may be readily detected with this molecular assay. It is thought to be the most accurate diagnostic test, however it can need specialist lab equipment.

Dengue Symptoms

Aedes mosquitoes carry the virus that causes dengue fever, which is a serious public health issue in many tropical and subtropical areas, including Bangladesh. Understanding the signs of dengue is essential for early diagnosis and quick medical attention. Here are some typical signs and symptoms of dengue fever:

High fever: The start of dengue is frequently accompanied by an abruptly high fever that lasts for many days and can reach 104°F or 40°C. The chills that frequently accompany the fever make it easy to confuse it with other illnesses like influenza.

Severe Headache: Severe headaches, usually in the temples or behind the eyes, are a common symptom of dengue fever. When a headache is severe and long-lasting, it might be difficult to focus or go about everyday tasks.

Joint and Muscle Pain: The excruciating joint and muscle pain that dengue fever brings on has led to it being referred to as “breakbone fever” on several occasions. Typically, the back, muscles, joints, and other body parts are all affected by the discomfort. This symptom, which frequently sounds painful or throbbing and can be incapacitating.

Skin Rash: During the initial stages of dengue fever, a skin rash may develop. Usually, the torso is where it starts, then the arms, legs, and face follow. Small red dots or patches make up the rash, which has a measles-like appearance.

Weakness: Extreme weariness and weakness brought on by dengue fever can leave patients feeling exhausted. Even when the fever goes down, people can have extended spells of exhaustion that last for weeks.

Eye Pain: Eye pain, particularly behind the eyes, is a common symptom of dengue. It may be accompanied by redness, sensitivity to light (photophobia), or blurred vision.

Last Words

Effective treatment and management of dengue fever depend on early detection and a precise diagnosis. People can choose to seek proper medical treatment in Bangladesh by being informed about the many dengue tests that are offered and their associated costs. Even though costs may differ, efforts are being made to offer accessible testing choices, especially in public healthcare institutions. For the accurate diagnosis and treatment of dengue fever, it is always essential to seek the advice of medical specialists and adhere to their recommendations.

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