CPU Cooler Price in Bangladesh 2024

Naturally a CPU emits a lot of heat while using the PC. So reduce the heat to avoid damage or any other accident. A CPU cooler is a device designed to remove heat from the CPU and other system components inside a PC. So, if you want to improve system efficiency and lifespan, you need a CPU cooler to lower your CPU temperature. Usually the CPU and GPU generate heat inside most PC cases. The CPU or GPU has some ways to reduce this heat. Using a quality CPU heatsink fan, CPU cooler or a PC liquid cooler can be a productive way to do this. This cooling or liquid cooling system removes excess heat generated by various components such as the processor. Thus, the CPU cooler keeps within an allowable range of operating temperatures for overclocking.

CPU Cooler Price in Bangladesh

A CPU cooler is a heat sink specifically designed to remove waste heat generated by a central processing unit (CPU). Integrated circuits such as the CPU and graphics processing unit (GPU) are the primary generators of waste heat in a modern computer and represent the familiar “hot spots” within a computer chassis. A CPU cooler is a very important part of a PC. It keeps the CPU or computer processor cool. You don’t want your processor to heat up, choose the right cooler for your processor. You can buy best quality CPU cooler in Bangladesh. The prices of CPU coolers in BD are also quite varied. You will find both very cheap as well as expensive coolers here.

CPU Cooler in Bangladesh

CPU coolers used to cool computers are required to remove waste heat produced by computer components, keeping the components within allowable operating temperature ranges. CPUs require a lot of energy to function, which is converted into heat after use. As a result, sometimes CPUs generate excess heat, which can be dangerous for CPUs. CPU fans and heatsinks help combat this effect, but a liquid CPU cooler can keep CPU temperatures lower because water is more efficient at transferring heat than air.

Types Of CPU Cooler In Bangladesh

Air CPU Cooler

The most straightforward upgrade to a stock cooler is an aftermarket CPU cooler. After-market coolers perform better than stock coolers. Air cooler system uses a fan for cooling. Some processor cooling fans can be colored and customized, and some models have an RGB CPU cooling fan. Processor cooling fan prices vary by fan quality and brand. Air coolers have categories like twin tower type, C type and low profile. An after-market cooler is by far the most popular cooler in Bangladesh.

Liquid CPU cooler

In liquid CPU cooling systems, liquid (usually water) transfers heat away from the components. Liquid CPU coolers outperform air coolers in terms of thermal control. It enables you to overclock your CPU to achieve your desired performance. The best type of liquid CPU cooler is an AIO cooler. The AIO cooler comes with every component for liquid cooling. Based on the model, RGB and non-RGB CPU liquid coolers are available.

How Does a CPU Cooler Work?

A CPU cooler is a component that removes heat from a CPU chip and other hot-running chips such as a graphics processor (GPU). The cooler keeps system components cool enough to run efficiently. There are many ways to reduce this CPU heat, but one effective way is to use a quality CPU heatsink fan, CPU cooler, or a PC liquid cooler. This cooling or liquid cooling system is required to remove the waste heat produced by the various components such as the processor to keep the operating temperature within a permissible range for overclocking.

The use of flow-cooled heat sinks minimizes the temperature rise caused by specific amounts of heat. Attention to flow patterns will stop the occurrence of hotspots. PC fan area units are used alongside heatsink fans to reduce temperatures by actively exhausting hot air. There are also many external cooling techniques such as liquid cooling.

How to Choose Best CPU Cooler in Market? 

Choosing the best CPU cooler can depend on a number of factors, including your budget, the type of computer you have, and your specific cooling needs. Here are some things to consider when choosing a CPU cooler:

Compatibility: Make sure the CPU cooler is compatible with your CPU socket type. This information can usually be found on the product page or specifications sheet of the cooler.

TDP Rating: Make sure that the TDP rating of the cooler is sufficient for your CPU. TDP (Thermal Design Power) is a measure of how much heat your CPU generates and the cooler needs to be able to handle that amount of heat.

Airflow: Consider the airflow of the cooler. Look for coolers with larger fans, as they can move more air and provide better cooling performance. Some coolers also have additional fans or heat pipes to help dissipate heat more efficiently.

Noise level: Consider the noise level of the cooler. If you want a quieter system, look for a cooler with a lower decibel rating.

Type of cooler: There are different types of CPU coolers, such as air coolers and liquid coolers. Air coolers tend to be more affordable, while liquid coolers tend to provide better cooling performance. However, liquid coolers can also be more expensive and require more maintenance.

Budget: Consider your budget. There are CPU coolers available at a range of price points, so decide how much you are willing to spend and find the best cooler within your budget.

CPU Cooler Price in Bangladesh 2024

Model Name Price In BDT
DeepCool ICE EDGE MINI FS V2.0 CPU Air Cooler 750/- Tk.
AMD Ryzen Boxed Cooling Fan Original 1,000/- Tk.
DeepCool GAMMAXX AG200 Single-Tower CPU Cooler 1,100/- Tk.
Antec A30 92mm CPU Cooler 1,200/- Tk.
Antec T120 Chromatic CPU Air Cooler 1,300/- Tk.
Deepcool UD551 ARGB CPU Air Cooler 1,500/- Tk.
Gamdias BOREAS E1L-010 RGB CPU Air Cooler 1,700/- Tk.
Thermaltake UX100 ARGB Lighting Air CPU Cooler 1,900/- Tk.
DeepCool AG400 LED 120mm CPU Cooler 2,100/- Tk.
Antec A40 Pro CPU Cooler 2,300/- Tk.
Thermaltake Contact 9 Air CPU Cooler 2,400/- Tk.
Xigmatek AIR-KILLER CPU Air Cooler 2,500/- Tk.

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