Best Ceiling Fan Price in Bangladesh 2024

Ceiling fans are enjoying a big comeback in luxury homes. Today’s models are stylish and attractive, featuring on-trend materials like polished nickel and exotic woods. When choosing a ceiling fan, evaluate the motor size and blade pitch, which determine the fan’s speed. Many high-quality ceiling fans have the option of different finishes and light kits, including remote controls. Some even include carved ceiling medallions that add texture and interest. Read on to know more about the benefits of ceiling fans.

The best ceiling fan brands sell the best qualities of fans. Many companies make fans every day. So, people mostly use fans in summer season. However, there are so many fans available in the market that you can choose anything you want. People mostly use BRB fans. Fans are most useful and harmful weather pleases you.

Ceiling Fan Price in Bangladesh

If you are looking for ceiling fan prices then this is the right post for you. Let’s check Jatiya, BRB ceiling fan price in Bangladesh, Gazi ceiling fan price in Bangladesh, RFL, Jamuna, Walton ceiling fan price in Bangladesh, GFC ceiling fan price in Bangladesh, Vision, Singer, ABC, click ceiling fan price in Bangladesh, and some specifications. These are the most popular ceiling fan brands in Bangladesh. Ceiling fans are often seen as a cheap, ineffective solution to air conditioning. In fact, they are an energy-efficient, versatile, effective supplement to A/C and heating.

Why We Need Ceiling Fan ?

In summer, you should rotate the fan counterclockwise when viewing from the floor. The leading edges of the blades should point upwards, pushing the air down the fan. When the fan is in this configuration, a cool breeze is created that accelerates the rate of sweat evaporation. In other words, your body’s natural temperature regulating function is enhanced. The measurable, physical effect of wind can make the room feel up to 8° cooler. That’s a huge difference, especially when you consider how little power the fan is using. A ceiling fan can save you degrees worth of cooling energy, allowing you to raise that thermostat without discomfort.

Why Ceiling Fan is Important in Summer ?

To escape the summer heat, many people rely on air conditioning units to cool their homes. They can be an effective way to remove heat from warm air, but they can be expensive if they are the only source of cooling in your home. On average, a standard high-efficiency central air conditioning unit uses 3,500 watts of power when it’s in use. On the other hand, a ceiling fan uses about 50 watts. While it may not completely replace your air conditioner, a ceiling fan will complement your air conditioning unit and help save on air conditioning costs in your home. To increase energy efficiency, add an ENERGY STAR certified air conditioning unit to your ceiling fan, which uses eight percent less energy than standard models.

Best Ceiling Fan Price in Bangladesh 2024

Model Name Price in BDT
Jamuna Premium Alluminium 56 Inches 3200/- Tk.
Walton Lily Ceiling Fan 3700/- Tk.
Walton Smart Lily Ceiling Fan 4300/- Tk.
GFC Palace Plus Ceiling Fan 12000/- Tk.
GFC Falcon Ceiling Fan 5500/- Tk.
GFC Kingdom Ceiling Fan 7800/- Tk.
Vision Royal Ceiling Fan 56 Inches 4200/- Tk.
Rangs Aura Smart 56″ Ceiling Fan RED 2800/- Tk.
Click Green Fan 56” EcoStar Series White 3200/- Tk.
CLICK Camellia Ceiling Fan 56” Ivory Gold 3500/- Tk.

Last Words

Buy now according to your budget if you want to buy your favorite Ceiling Fan In 2024.

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