Floor Mat (Carpet) Price in Bangladesh 2024

Floor mats, commonly known as carpets, are essential accessories for homes, offices and vehicles. They not only add a touch of elegance to the interior decoration but also provide comfort and protection to the floor below. In Bangladesh, floor mats have gained immense popularity for their versatility and functional properties. This article explores the different range of floor mats available in Bangladesh, their different prices, factors affecting cost and tips on finding the best deals.

Growing Demand for Floor Mats in Bangladesh

As Bangladesh experiences rapid urbanization and growth in construction projects, the demand for floor mats has increased significantly. These mats serve as an essential element to enhance the aesthetics of the residence as well as serve a practical purpose. Be it for homes, offices, hotels or vehicles, floor mats have become an integral part of interior design and decoration in the country.

Types of Floor Mats Available

In Bangladesh, floor mats come in a variety of materials, styles and sizes to suit different preferences and requirements. Some of the common types of floor mats available in the market include:

Traditional handwoven mats: These are made using natural fibers like jute and coir. Handwoven mats are known for their eco-friendliness, durability and rustic appeal.

Tufted Mats: These mats are made by tufting or punching yarn through a backing material. They offer a wide range of designs, patterns and colors, making them a popular choice for modern interiors.

Rubber mats: Rubber floor mats are water-resistant, easy to clean and ideal for high-traffic areas or vehicles. They provide excellent protection to the underlying floor.

Foam mats: Foam floor mats are often used for children’s play areas because they provide cushioning and protection.

Printed Mats: Printed mats have eye-catching designs and images, which add a touch of personalization to living spaces.

Factors Affecting Floor Mat Prices

Floor mat prices in Bangladesh vary based on several factors, including:

Materials: Mats made from natural fibers such as jute and coir are generally more cost-effective than synthetic materials such as rubber or foam.

Size: Larger mats usually come with a higher price tag due to increased material costs.

Design and Intricacy: Intricate designs, patterns and customization can lead to higher prices.

Brands: Reputed brand or designer floor mats can cost more than lesser-known or generic alternatives.

Durability: High-quality, long-lasting mats may have a higher initial cost but offer better value for money in the long run.

Floor Mat Price in Bangladesh

Discover a wide range of floor mats in Bangladesh that add elegance and protection to your living spaces. Whether you need mats for your home, office or vehicle, there are a variety of options to suit every budget. From traditional hand-woven mats made of natural fibers to modern tufted mats with intricate designs, you can find the perfect match for your interior decor.

Prices vary based on factors such as material, size and design, with options ranging from less than 200 BDT for basic mats and 5,000 BDT or more for premium-quality and designer mats. Don’t miss out on seasonal sales and promotions to get quality floor mats at discounted rates. Explore the diverse collection of floor mats in Bangladesh and enhance the comfort and style of your space affordably.”

Tips for Finding Affordable Floor Mats

Compare prices: Before shopping, compare prices from different retailers and online platforms to find the best deals.

Look for discounts and offers: Keep an eye out for seasonal sales, festivals and special promotions that can help you get quality floor mats at discounted prices.

Consider local options: Local markets and artisans often offer unique and budget-friendly floor mats that support local businesses.

Check Customer Reviews: Read customer reviews and ratings to gauge the quality and durability of the floor mat before making a decision.

Choose multi-purpose mats: To get more value for your money, consider multi-purpose mats that can be used in different settings.

Last Words 

Floor mats play an important role in enhancing the aesthetics and comfort of living spaces and vehicles in Bangladesh. With various options available, consumers can find floor mats that suit their preferences and budget. By considering factors such as material, size, design and brand, buyers can make an informed decision and find the perfect floor mat that not only complements their interior but also meets their practical needs. With the growing popularity of floor mats in Bangladesh, this essential accessory can play an important role in interior decoration and protection in the years to come.

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