Banglalink Minute Check Code 2024

Banglalink is one of the leading mobile network operators in Bangladesh. It offers various voice and data plans to its customers. Banglalink also offers a variety of minute packs that customers can purchase to get extra talktime. There are lots of people use Banglalink Minute Pack but they does not know hoe to check it. So, In this post we are going to tell you Banglalink Minute Check Code In 2024. Stay with us & read the entire article.

Banglalink Minute Check Code 2024

Banglalink Minute Check Code for 2024 is *121*100#. To check your Banglalink minutes balance, dial this code from your Banglalink phone. You will receive an SMS message with your current minute balance and validity of your minute pack if applicable.

Banglalink Minute Check Code

Code Description
*1211# Check main account balance, including any remaining minutes from any active minute packs
*1212*1# Check the validity of any active minute packs
*1212*2# Check the remaining minutes in any active minute packs
*1212*3# Check the remaining minutes in any active minute packs that are specific to a particular network or service (e.g., on-net minutes, off-net minutes, internet minutes)
*1212*4# Check the total number of minutes used in the last 30 days

Banglalink Minute Pack

Pack Price (Tk.) Minute Validity Purchase Code
(Any Operator)
307 510 minutes 30 days *1100*6*8#
207 340 minutes 30 days *1100*6*7#
157 230 minutes 30 days *1100*6*6#
107 178 minutes 7 days *1100*1#
74 120 minutes 7 days *1100*6*5#
57 90 minutes 7 days *1100*2#
47 65 minutes 5 days *1100*6*4#
37 55 minutes 4 days *1100*3#
27 45 minutes 3 days *1100*4#
17 28 minutes 2 days *1100*5#
14 21 minutes 2 days *1100*6*3#
12 19 minutes 2 days *1100*6*2#
9 14 minutes 2 days *1100*6*1#


How to Check Banglalink Minute by USSD Code?

To check your Banglalink minute balance by USSD code, you can use the following steps:

  • Dial *121*100# on your mobile phone.
  • Press the call button.
  • You will receive a message that shows your remaining minutes in all of your active minute packs.

Benefits of Using Banglalink Minute Packs

Banglalink Minute Pack offers several benefits to customers, including:

  • Affordable price: Banglalink minute packs are very affordable, making it a good option for budget-conscious customers.
  • Flexible Validity Period: Banglalink Minute Packs are available with different validity periods ranging from 2 days to 45 days. This gives customers the flexibility to choose a minute pack as per their needs.
  • Free Minutes: Banglalink often offers free minutes with its minute packs. This means that customers can get more talk time for their money.

Last Words 

Banglalink Minute Packs are a great way to save money on your mobile phone bill. By choosing the right minute pack for your needs and using your minutes wisely, you can get more talk time for your money.

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