Air Cooler Price in Bangladesh 2024

Bangladesh is a summer country where most people use fans during summer season. An air cooler is a type of fan that is another low-cost method of cooling a home. It evaporates the cold water in the air and mixes it with the air and thus removes some of the heat so it is sometimes called an evaporative air cooler. Air coolers in BD cost around Rs 1,200 which is a mini air cooler and good for one person.

If you want to cool the whole room effectively, the air cooler in BD will cost you at least Rs 13,000 and this air cooler has many extra features and the cooling fan speed will also be good. The price of an air cooler usually depends on the size of the cooler, the evaporative capacity and the amount of air flow, and sometimes the brand.

Air Cooler Price in Bangladesh

An air cooler only cools one’s air. It makes it moister. The air cooler uses evaporation method which helps to produce great air and the temperature of completely dry air can be stopped by placing it with liquid water to generate water vapor. Air cooler is the common cooler device in Bangladesh because it has the convenience of grating to use. The purpose of an air cooler is comparable to that of an evaporator. What exactly makes it different is the type of cooling tool it uses.

An air cooler is a heat loss device used to cool and dehumidify air. Brine (water with glycol) is commonly used as a coolant in air coolers or another secondary coolant may be used, an air cooler may, for example, be copper or steel pipelines mounted on aluminum fins. Cooling tools are cooled by loss of aluminum fins streaming across the heat exchanger, where heat is exchanged between the cooling tool and the air. Air cooled or dehumidified forced on the aluminum fins by a fan. Coolers are used for cooling in structures, commercial air cooling processes and more.

Air Cooler Price in BD

Our lives today are completely dependent on the machines that modern science has invented and developed for our comfort. Modern technology has made way for multi-functional devices like home appliance products for daily news. Generally, appliances are electrical or mechanical devices that are used to perform our daily household duties.

An air cooler is any device for cooling the air inside a building, room or vehicle. Air coolers are used in heat insulating casings to make refrigerators and are also used in buildings to cool rooms. In buildings they are only needed if the building itself is not constructed to be able to dissipate enough heat. Methods of constructing buildings in such a way that additional air coolers are not required, such as earth sheltering or specific building designs.

Air Cooler Price List in Bangladesh 2024

Brand & Model Name
Price in BDT
Symphony Storm 100i Air Cooler 28,000/- Tk.
Honeywell CL 60PM Air Cooler 19,000/- Tk.
Honeywell CL20AE Air Cooler 13,900/- Tk.
Symphony DiET 50i Air Cooler 13,500/- Tk.
Gree Air Cooler 60L KSWK-6001DGL 18,000/- Tk.
Videocon CL VC 4521 Air Cooler 12,500/- Tk.
Honeywell CL201AE Air Cooler 12,000/- Tk.
Honeywell CL30XC Air Cooler 15,000/- Tk.
Gree Air Cooler 20L KSWK-2001DGL 14,800/- Tk.
Symphony DiET 8i Air Cooler 6,900/- Tk.

What are the benefits of using an air cooler?

  1. Cooler and healthier air
  2. No installation needed
  3. Affordable and cost-effective
  4. Can be used in open areas
  5. Compact and portable

Air Cooler Pro & Cons


  • Energy Efficient
  • Low Installation and Maintenance Costs
  • Ideal Choice For Dry Climates
  • Filters Air Effectively
  • Healthy And Eco-Friendly


  • Not Ideal For Humid Areas
  • Drawbacks Due To High Humidity

Last Words

Buy now according to your budget if you want to buy your favorite Air Cooler In 2024.

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