YOHE Helmet Price in Bangladesh 2024

When it comes to motorcycle safety equipment, a helmet is without a doubt the most important accessory a rider can purchase. YOHE, a well-known brand in the motorcycle helmet business, has grown in popularity in Bangladesh as a result of its dedication to providing high-quality helmets at reasonable costs. In this post, we will dig into the world of YOHE helmets and investigate their pricing in Bangladesh, allowing motorcyclists to make an educated decision regarding their safety without breaking the bank.

YOHE Helmets Overview 

YOHE is a well-known helmet brand that began in Taiwan. With a focus on user comfort and safety, YOHE has successfully established a reputation for providing dependable helmets that meet international safety requirements. The brand’s commitment to ongoing innovation has resulted in the creation of many helmet types ideal for different riding styles, ensuring that motorcyclists in Bangladesh have a varied choice of alternatives.

YOHE Helmet Price in Bangladesh

One of the most tempting features of YOHE helmets is its low cost without sacrificing safety requirements. The cost of YOHE helmets in Bangladesh varies based on the model and features. However, the brand’s dedication to producing high-quality helmets at reasonable rates makes them an appealing option for budget-conscious riders.

YOHE helmets in Bangladesh generally cost between BDT 2,500 and BDT 10,000, depending on the helmet type, design complexity, and other features. Full-face helmets are often on the more expensive end of the pricing spectrum, but open-face and modular helmets are more economical. Off-road helmets, with their particular characteristics, may be significantly more expensive because to the increased durability and protection they provide.

It’s worth mentioning that YOHE helmets provide great value for money since they mix price with the brand’s commitment to safety, comfort, and innovation. Riders may guarantee they obtain dependable and safe gear at a reasonable price by investing in a YOHE helmet.

YOHE Helmet Price in Bangladesh 2024

Model Name  Price in BDT
Yohe 978 5,000/- Taka
Yohe SRT Orange 4,000/- Taka
Yohe 877-04# 1350/- Taka
Yohe 877-03# 1350/- Taka
Yohe 877 Plain Red 1150/- Taka

YOHE helmet Product Range and Features

YOHE helmets are available in a variety of styles to meet the needs and tastes of motorcyclists. These helmet offers a helmet to meet your needs, whether you’re a sports bike enthusiast, a daily commuter, or an off-road explorer.

Full-Face Helmets: YOHE offers full-face helmets that give complete head and facial protection. For added comfort, these helmets often include an aerodynamic shape, improved ventilation systems, and removable/washable internal padding.

Open-Face Helmets: YOHE’s open-face helmets combine safety and convenience for urban cyclists. They cover the top and sides of the head but leave the face exposed. These helmets are frequently equipped with a visor for eye protection and are well-ventilated for optimal ventilation.

Modular Helmets: YOHE also provides modular helmets with the adaptability of full-face and open-face designs. These helmets include a hinge system that allows the chin bar to be raised, converting the helmet from full-face to open-face.

Off-Road Helmets: YOHE offers a variety of off-road helmets with a unique design that provides outstanding protection, durability, and ventilation for dirt riding and off-road activities. These helmets frequently include a peak visor to protect against the sun, dust, and debris.

Key Features of YOHE helmet

YOHE helmets are renowned for their quality, comfort, and innovative features. Here are some key features that make YOHE helmets stand out:

Safety Standards: YOHE helmets meet international safety requirements, guaranteeing that riders are protected in the event of an accident or collision. They are made of strong materials and are rigorously tested to ensure that they fulfill the appropriate safety standards.

Aerodynamic Design: YOHE helmets have an aerodynamic form that reduces wind resistance and drag while riding at high speeds. This design not only improves the riding pleasure but also reduces neck strain.

Ventilation System: Proper ventilation is critical for rider comfort, particularly in hot and humid circumstances. YOHE helmets include an effective ventilation system that circulates fresh air within the helmet, decreasing heat accumulation and eliminating discomfort.

Removable Interior Padding: YOHE helmets frequently include removable and washable inner cushioning. This function allows riders to maintain their helmets clean and fresh by removing perspiration and odor buildup that occurs over time.

Modular Functionality: YOHE provides modular helmets with the option of full-face or open-face designs. These helmets include a hinged mechanism that allows the chin bar to be lifted, transforming the helmet from a full-face to an open-face configuration, providing adaptability for various riding circumstances.

Lightweight Design: YOHE helmets are lightweight, decreasing pressure on the rider’s neck and lowering weariness during extended rides. This function improves overall comfort and makes riding more pleasurable.

Multiple Size Options: YOHE recognizes the significance of perfect fit for maximum safety. They provide a variety of helmet sizes to meet various head shapes and sizes, guaranteeing that riders may select a helmet that fits them securely and pleasantly.

Availability and Purchase

YOHE helmets are readily accessible throughout Bangladesh at approved motorcycle gear stores, dealerships, and internet markets. Riders may explore the varied choice of YOHE helmet alternatives and make their purchase by visiting their local helmet vendor or browsing reliable internet platforms.

Before purchasing a YOHE or any other brand of helmet, it is critical to establish good fit, as a well-fitted helmet is necessary for maximum safety. Riders are urged to experiment on several sizes and brands of helmets to find one that fits snugly without causing pain or impairing vision.

Last Words 

Because of its commitment to delivering economical yet dependable safety gear, YOHE helmets have grown in popularity in Bangladesh. YOHE provides motorcyclists with a comprehensive array of helmet types and models to fit their specific demands and preferences. YOHE guarantees that motorcyclists in Bangladesh may prioritize safety without breaking the bank by maintaining high-quality standards and cheap prices. Remember that a decent helmet is a little amount to pay for the vital protection it provides, keeping riders safe on their two-wheeled adventures.

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