Walton Refrigerator Price In Bangladesh 2024

Walton Refrigerator is the best refrigerator brand in Bangladesh that manufactures various types of refrigerators that help you. The latest nano technology installed in our refrigerators that enhances performance, makes it the most reliable and long-lasting food storage solution for the user. The new stylish look Walton Refrigerator Price In Bangladeshelevates your kitchen class to a whole new level. Nothing beats combining the latest nano technology with stylish design to upgrade your kitchen’s outlook.

Walton inverter technology has been the superhero for many households’ wallets. This technology has saved a lot of electricity bills for households. Inverter technology not only saves on bills, but also gives refrigerators higher performance capabilities. So you are getting the most ideal refrigerator that gives the best performance and also saves your electricity bill every month.

Walton Refrigerator (Fridge)

There are different types of Walton refrigerators: single door, double door, top mount, bottom mount, mini-fridge etc. Walton fridge is one of the most demanded fridges in Bangladesh. Some Walton refrigerators are inverter based, and some are non-inverter-type. View All Walton Fridge Models Price in Bangladesh 2022 Currently, Walton Fridge is exporting abroad to meet the demand of Bangladesh.
On the one hand, Walton fridges are less expensive than other foreign brands, on the other hand, they are constantly increasing in popularity among Bangladeshis because of their guarantee-warranty service and good quality for many years. In this age of electronic products, fridge is an essential item in your home. No matter the season, there is no alternative to storing food without a refrigerator.
A fridge that counts, means and looks the best is the first choice for everyone. On the one hand, foreign products are now taking over the market. On the other hand, several brands are trying their best to bring domestic products to consumers. One such reputed Bangladeshi company is Walton.

Walton Refrigerator Price In Bangladesh

Refrigerators are electrical appliances that keep raw and cooked food fresh. To keep food and drinks cold, they employ extremely low temperatures. They destroy cold air in the refrigerator using a compressor, which pushes hot air out of the refrigerator. They usually feature many chambers, each with its own purpose. Hard vegetables and green vegetables are kept in separate holders. There are also separate sections for storing dairy foods, common leaves and seasoned foods. A freezer is a separate chamber plant of a refrigerator. It is used for keeping raw details, especially fish and meat, and has a much lower temperature than a refrigerator.

Why Walton Is Popular Refrigerator Brand In Bangladesh ?

Walton’s inverter technology has been a financial superhero for many households. This fashion has saved many plutocrats from households on their electricity bills. Inverter technology not only saves plutocrats but also ensures refrigerators work effectively. As a result, you’re getting into top-of-the-line refrigerators that not only perform well but also save you a plutocrat on your annual power costs. Walton’s nanotechnology is designed to protect your food from the harmful effects of disease-causing microorganisms.

Why Choose Walton Refrigerator ?

Walton is the leading refrigerator sponsor in Bangladesh. Walton is known for consistently delivering high quality details. It offers a 12-fold bond on all its electronic apparel. Walton offers a large selection of details at a wide range of prices, so you have plenty to choose from.

Walton Refrigerator Price List  In Bangladesh 2024

Model Name Price in BDT
Walton WFC-3F5-GDEL-XX (INVERTER) 41,900/- Tk.
Walton WFC-3F5-GDEH-XX (INVERTER) 42,500/- Tk.
Walton WNH-4C0-RXXX-XX Refrigerator 45,900/- Tk.
Walton WNH-4C0-HDXX-XX Refrigerator 46,900/- Tk.
Walton WNH-4C0-HDSR-XX Refrigerator 47,900/- Tk.
Walton WNJ-5A2-RXXX-XX Refrigerator 49,500/- Tk.
Walton WNJ-5B6-RXXX-XX Refrigerator 51,500/- Tk.
Walton WNJ-5B6-KPXX-XX Refrigerator 54,900/- Tk.
Walton WNJ-5E5-RXXX-XX Refrigerator 52,500/- Tk.
Walton WNI-5F3-RXXX-XX Refrigerator 60,500/- Tk.
Walton WNI-5F3-GDEL-XX Refrigerator

65,500/- Tk.

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