Samsung Refrigerator Price in Bangladesh 2024

Samsung refrigerator has been one of the most popular refrigerators in Bangladesh for many years. The quality of this fridge is simply superb! It is true that the price is a bit high but you have to count the quality as well. You may find slight differences between our given Samsung Refrigerator Price List and original market price due to various relevant offers, special discounts etc. of Samsung Company. So please visit Samsung website bd always to get today’s market price, new model, specification (cft, available). Color, Liter, Ton etc information) and many more information.

Samsung has been manufacturing refrigerators under its name since the 1970s. Currently, it offers its customers a list of more than 70 different models to choose from. The product list also has a huge range of prices starting from Rs 35000 and topping off at around Rs 190000. The brand has a wide selection of over 200 bottom-mounted, top-mounted, side-by-side and 50-50 type refrigerators. in the 600-litre range.

Samsung Refrigerator Price in Bangladesh

Samsung is one of the world’s largest consumer electronics brands operating out of South Korea. The brand has a long list of products under its name including a world-class refrigerator. For more than a decade, Samsung has been marketing its refrigerators in more than 100 countries around the world. Refrigerators of this brand are known to be the best in terms of looks, quality and functionality. The brand is also one of the best in terms of after sales service and customer policy.

key features of Samsung Refrigerator

Digital inverter compressors are used as compared to reciprocating compressors in conventional refrigerators. The all new Cool Pack used in this refrigerator can keep food cold for at least 8 hours when the power is off. The Multi Storage Box gives you a separate place to store your non-food items. Large boxes to keep your vegetable items separate from fruit items for which separate boxes are provided. Two separate Ice Max cabins to give you a wider range of ice storage options. The easy-to-see, low-profile digital display panel blends beautifully with the sophisticated design. Easily slide out shelves so you can conveniently access your food items.

Why Samsung Fridges Are More Popular ?

Among all the popular brands, Samsung refrigerators have shown an appreciable growth rate as it focuses on understanding the buyer’s personality while coming up with suitable refrigerator models. While double door refrigerators come with all-round cooling technology that ensures uniform cooling in every corner, single door refrigerators feature anti-bacterial gaskets, which ensure the door liner stays clean.

Most of the premium series incorporate both these features which make the brand unique from the rest. The efficient LED lighting system inevitably provides a great approach to all Samsung’s premium refrigerator models. Additionally, to help consumers save electricity, LEDs come with eco-technology where electricity consumption is twenty times lower than regular lighting.

Inverter technology has become a key feature in the latest models. However, Samsung ensures that the compressor is more efficient to preserve your food for longer without affecting your electricity bill. The feature comes with 5 different modes such as holiday mode, seasonal mode, extra freeze mode, normal mode and home alone mode to meet specific cooling requirements.

Samsung Refrigerator Price in Bangladesh 2024

Model Name Price In BDT
SAMSUNG RT42K5468SL/D2 94,000/- Tk.
SAMSUNG | RT34K5532S8/D3 64,000/- Tk.
Samsung Refrigerator | RT29HAR9DDX/D3 | 275L 50,000/- Tk.
SAMSUNG | RB21KMFH5UT/D3 – 218L 44,000/- Tk.
 SAMSUNG | RT56K6378SL/D2 – 551L 131,000/- Tk.
SAMSUNG | RS72R5001M9/D2-700L 175,000/- Tk.
SAMSUNG | : RS72R50112C/TL – 700L 234,000/- Tk.
SAMSUNG | RT47K6231UT/D3 – 465L 95,000/- Tk.
SAMSUNG | RT47K6231S8/D3 – 465L 92,000/- Tk.
SAMSUNG | RS74R5101SL/TL – 676L 250,000/- Tk.
SAMSUNG | RT65K7058BS/D2 – 670L 140,000/- Tk.
SAMSUNG | RT37K5532UT/D3 – 345L 76,000/- Tk.

Last Words

Buy now according to your budget if you want to buy your favorite Samsung Refrigerator In 2024.

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