Runner Bike Price In Bangladesh 2024

Runner is very popular as a local motorcycle brand in Bangladesh. At present several motorcycle models of this brand are being exported abroad to meet the local demand. As it is locally manufactured, the price of Runner brand motorcycles in Bangladesh is very low. Due to the relatively low prices of this brand of good quality motorcycles, the demand for Runner motorcycles in the Bangladeshi market is increasing day by day.

‘Runner Automobiles’ is a trendy, prominent and trusted local brand of Bangladesh. It manufactures and markets motorcycles and three-wheelers and four-wheelers in addition to marketing them in the local market. This brand of runner bike is now being exported abroad. Some other motorcycle brands in Bangladesh claim that their products are local, considering the motorcycle production of the country and the price of the product; Runner stands above the rest.

Runner Motorcycle

Runner Automobiles is a prominent, trusted and local trendy brand of Bangladesh. It markets motorcycles as well as three wheelers and four wheelers for manufacturing and marketing. Runner Automobiles is exporting runner bikes abroad to meet the demand of the local market. At present, common buyers demand that the runner bike is a domestic product. and country-made motorcycle brands. Moreover, considering the price of the product, Runner ‘s position is above all other bike brands.

Runner bikes made by Runner Automobiles are generally cheaper and can be compared to other brands of bikes. In some cases, runner bead installation is also advantageous. It is very useful for common working people including common people. The company is marketing runner bikes in almost all districts of Bangladesh through its sales representatives.

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Runner Bike Price in Bangladesh

Runner was the first motorcycle brand to operate in Bangladesh under Runner Automobile Limited. It is also the first local motorcycle manufacturer in Bangladesh. They were the first to establish local motorcycle manufacturers in Bangladesh. The concern currently manufactures a variety of scooters and motorcycles with capacities ranging from 80 to 150cc. The company is involved in manufacturing and distribution of various three and four-wheelers in Bangladesh. Runner Automobile Limited (RAL) is responsible for the marketing and distribution of Runner motorcycles across Bangladesh. Thus, the local brand was established. They were earlier associated with the Freedom and Dayang motorcycle brands.

Runner Motorcycle Price In Bangladesh

Runner has been the foremost reasonable motorcycle launch for so long and has for many years launched distinctive bikes for road and track-honored motorcycle engineering. Thus drive all the specifications and options of Runner Motorcycle and realize the best value. Almost all parts of Runner Motorcycle are made in own factory. As a result, customers can get slightly lower prices than when they have easy access to these parts through a wide network across the country. Runner has more than two hundred service centers across the country and all Runner brand motorcycles have a 6 year service warranty. Runner’s highest priced bike model is Runner Hyosung Aquila 125 priced at 250,000.

Runner Motorcycle Price List In Bangladesh 2024

Runner Bike Model Name Price In BDT
Runner Bolt 160R 172,000/- Tk.
Runner Night Rider V2 153,000/- Tk.
Runner Knight Rider 145,000/- Tk.
Runner Turbo 125 131,000/- Tk.
Runner Turbo 125 V2 132,000/- Tk.
Runner Bullet 100 V2 106,000/- Tk.
Runner Royal Plus 103,000/- Tk.
Runner Kite Plus 95,000/- Tk.
Runner F100 6A 89,000/- Tk.
Runner AD 80S Deluxe 79,000/- Tk.
Runner Bike RT 55,000/- Tk.

Last Words

Buy now according to your budget if you want to buy your favorite Runner Motorcycle In 2024.

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