Naviforce Watch price In Bangladesh

Watch is always a sign of excellence in human life. Also, it helps us to maintain our time schedule very often. Though the smartphone has taken the place of the watch still it plays a valuable role in our life. We will talk about the Naviforce watch price in Bangladesh. 

Naviforce originally is a Chinese company. There main is to build a watch that will be unique at an affordable price. Also they maintain the top notch quality. 

Naviforce Watch price In Bangladesh

Thinks about what features are most important to you. What features do you need in a watch? Pick a Naviforce watch that has the features that matter most to you. Consider your budget. Naviforce watches are available at a variety of price points, so choose the one that fits your budget best.

Why Naviforce watch is popular in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh the average income of mass people is still low. So it will be a luxury to wear a watch that would be over 3-4k BDT. But as we are all human, we have some desire to live smartly and decently. 

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In that case Naviforce fullfill our all need because naviforce watch price in Bangladesh is much reasonable. We are going to  describe its feature so you can realize easily the reason behind mass popularity of Naviforce watch in Bangladesh. 

Naviforce Watch Price & Feature

Product Price(BDT)
Naviforce NF9163 Dual Time Analog 1780
Naviforce NF9137 Dark Brown & Rosegold PU Leather Chronograph Watch for Men 2100
Naviforce NF9147 White & Silver Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch for Men 2600
Naviforce 5001 Women Fashion Watch 1790
Naviforce NF5004 Luxury Designer Women’s Watch

NAVIFORCE NF5013 Mesh Stainless Steel Analog Watch For Women 1590


  • Japanese Movement: Inside every naviforce watch, Japanese movement has been implemented. This is the world’s most popular movement of all time.SO that’s why in the matter of speed, it can keep up its uptime properly no matter what!!
  • Durability: Each watch can tolerate a maximum of 3atm pressure. It has crack resistance until it won’t fall from more than 100 ft. so it is easily can be said that it’s totally durable for the users who are in an actionable movement.
  • Water resistant: It will remain waterproof for a minimum of 30m under the water. Recently they have made some watches that can stay water resistant for 100m under the water. Still, it’s totally ok in terms of hand washing and rainwater.
  • Visualization: These awesome watches come with various color gradients and designs. They have two types of watch belts. Stainless Steel Chain & genuine leather strap. They are available for both genders.
  • Dial variation: Naviforce has three kinds of dial variations Analog, Dual time & Chronograph.
  • Budget-friendly: If you want to get a touch of premium-ness in a mid-range budget, Naviforce is the right choice for you. They always produce mid-range budget watches which are the best in their category.

Some tips for taking care of Your Naviforce Watch

  • We said earlier each and every watch will be waterproof but we also mention a limit So you should be careful about that. 
  • In any case if water enters your watch, then take it to customer care in your area. If that’s not possible, then put the watch in the rice jar for 24 hours. It will solve the issue.
  • Always keep your watch away from the corrosive components and from chemical reagents. It’s bad for the casing of the watch.
  • In the dual dial watch there is two separate battery for analog and digital. So in case of one function is dead due to battery, another one will work just fine. 
  • After changing the battery, if your watch is still slow then it needs some expert touch, so it will be better if you contact your local Naviforce customer care.

I personally believe that the brands best is yet to come. It is, however, worth mentioning that the designers and craftsmen behind Naviforce watch have done an excellent job thus far, introducing to watch enthusiasts, endless models, at a very affordable price. We just discussed Naviforce watch price in Bangladesh and some useful info. This info will help you a lot when you will buy a watch from them.

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