IPS Price in Bangladesh 2024

IPS is mainly used to get rid of the pain of load shedding. It mainly stores energy from AC power to battery in DC form through charger and supplies power in AC form in case of power outage or load shedding due to any reason. IPS is most commonly used to run lights and fans in homes or offices during periods of extreme heat. However, in some cases, good IPS can be used to run home TVs, refrigerators, computers and even AC.

Load shedding is one of the major problems in Bangladesh. The reason behind this is that the power generation is not compared to the actual demand. As a result, many people are not able to provide necessary electricity in all areas. So IPS has now become an essential product in Bangladesh. Energy Systems Company, a one stop power solution provider in Bangladesh since its inception in 2009. Based on the regular power shortage in Bangladesh, Energy System Company has designed inverters (IPS) to provide available power for your regular needs. Inverters made with world’s best accessories from Japan, Malaysia and Bangladesh.

IPS Price in Bangladesh 2024

The main role of an isolated power supply (IPS) is to protect electrical loads from high voltage exposure. This is achieved by transferring power from one circuit to another without connecting the two directly. IPS detects any ground faults in their early stages and enables essential equipment to remain online. IPS solutions form part of many important energy security policies, particularly in healthcare facilities where they are a prerequisite for medical life-support systems, wet procedure settings and equipment that falls within ‘Clinical Category 4 or 5’ or ‘Group 2’.

Power Control has provided emergency power to the healthcare market for nearly 30 years and is trusted by leading institutions across the country. The company’s nationwide team of engineers delivers all routine service and maintenance tasks following strict site restrictions and out-of-hours protocols. Currently, Power Control understands that routine service suspensions are unavoidable in some circumstances but the company has taken all necessary safety precautions and is strictly following government guidelines to be able to continue these essential IPS and UPS functions.

What is the difference between IPS and UPS?

Before we begin, let’s talk about the difference between IPS and UPS. Both UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) and IPS (Instant Power Supply) provide power when the main power line fails, but UPS switches the connection without power drop in a fraction of a second, while IPS takes a minimum of 1 second or more to switch. Nowadays, most IPSs come with UPS mode, so they can work as both.

People rush to electronics shops in extreme heat and frequent load shedding. Despite the drop in prices, people are buying IPS for their homes and offices to live a hassle-free life. However, in this crowd, customers often fall under the sellers’ sales tactics and make the wrong choice. Here are a few things to keep in mind while buying an IPS.

IPS Electricity Power

Before buying an IPS, you need to calculate how much power your device will need and how many devices will be connected. If demand exceeds supply, they will fail to serve your needs. When calculating, check the power/wattage of the device, which is often stamped on the body of the device. The listed wattage is the maximum power used by the appliance, which may vary depending on usage habits. To get a more accurate amount, you can multiply the wattage by the hours the appliance is used and then divide the number by 1000. To give you some idea, local fans usually take 100 watts, foreign fans take 150 watts. A TV takes about 100 watts and a tube light takes about 60 watts.

IPS Price List in Bangladesh 2024

Model Name Price in BDT
Power IPS 600VA 3-Fan 3-Light 25,500/- Tk.
Luminous Optimus 1250 Pure Sinewave Inverter 16,500/- Tk.
Grameen Power GIPS-3500 3.5kVA IPS 2,30,000/- Tk.
INVT GooDrive350 18-kW VFD Inverter 68,000/- Tk.
INVT GooDrive350 7.5-kW VFD Inverter 55,500/- Tk.
Grameen Power GIPS-3500 3.5kVA IPS 145000/- Tk.
Micro Power 800VA IPS with 165Ah Battery 35,500/- Tk.
Micro Power 600VA IPS with Battery 30,500/- Tk.
Digital 600VA DSP Pure Sine Wave IPS Cum UPS 31,500/- Tk.
Safety Plus Pure Sine Wave DSP 2KVA IPS 25,500/- Tk.
Rahimafrooz RZ 725 Sine Wave IPS 45,500/- Tk.

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