Huawei Y9 2019 Display price in Bangladesh

Huawei Y9 is a popular smartphone model known for its impressive features and affordable pricing. The display is a crucial aspect of any smartphone, as it directly influences the user experience. In this article, we will delve into the details of the Huawei Y9 display and explore its price in Bangladesh.

Huawei Y9 Display Specifications

The Huawei Y9 features a large 6.5-inch IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen display with a resolution of 1080 x 2340 pixels. This Full HD+ display offers a pixel density of approximately 396 pixels per inch (PPI), ensuring sharp and vibrant visuals. The screen-to-body ratio is around 82.8%, providing an immersive viewing experience with minimal bezels.

The Huawei Y9’s display delivers vivid colors, excellent contrast, and good viewing angles, making it suitable for a wide range of activities such as gaming, multimedia consumption, and web browsing. The 1080p resolution ensures that content appears detailed and crisp, allowing users to enjoy high-quality videos and images.

Huawei Y9 Display Visual Experience

The IPS LCD technology used in the Huawei Y9’s display offers accurate color reproduction and improved visibility under various lighting conditions. The display provides good brightness levels, making it readable even in bright outdoor environments. However, it is worth noting that compared to premium smartphones, the Huawei Y9’s display may lack the deep blacks and high brightness levels found on more expensive devices. Durability and Protection: To safeguard the display against scratches and minor impacts, the Huawei Y9 comes with a layer of Corning Gorilla Glass protection. This adds an extra level of durability and ensures that the display remains intact even with regular use.

Price of Huawei Y9 Display in Bangladesh

When considering the price of the Huawei Y9 display in Bangladesh. Several factors come into play, including availability, quality, and location. It is important to note that the cost of the display may vary depending on the retailer, region, and whether the display is an original part or a third-party replacement.

As of the time of writing, the price of an original Huawei Y9 display in Bangladesh typically ranges from BDT 2,500 to BDT 3,500. However, it is advisable to conduct thorough research and compare prices from different authorized retailers or reputable smartphone spare parts suppliers to ensure the best deal.

Where to get Huawei Y9 display?

When purchasing a Huawei Y9 display in Bangladesh, it is crucial to prioritize quality and authenticity. It is recommended to buy from authorized Huawei service centers or reputable sellers to ensure the display’s compatibility and reliability. These sources often provide genuine replacement parts that are specifically designed for the Huawei Y9.

Additionally, it is advisable to check for any warranty or guarantee provided by the seller. Considering the technical complexity involved in replacing a smartphone display, it is recommended to seek professional assistance from a skilled technician for the installation process to prevent any potential damage to the device.

Last Words 

The Huawei Y9 boasts a large and vibrant display, making it an attractive choice for users seeking an immersive visual experience. With its Full HD+ resolution, IPS LCD technology, and Gorilla Glass protection. The Huawei Y9’s display delivers satisfying color reproduction and sharpness. When purchasing a Huawei Y9 display in Bangladesh. It is essential to consider factors such as price, authenticity, and quality to ensure a reliable and cost-effective replacement.

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