Google Mobile Phones Price in Bangladesh 2024

Google is the company that developed the very influential Android operating system. Although Google is mostly known for their operating systems, they are also involved in the smartphone manufacturing business. In 2016, they brought two smartphones under their brand name for the first time. These smartphones are Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL. Google is an American multinational company that is well known for its search engine. They are the number one internet based brand in the world. Now they are mostly known in the smartphone industry for their Android operating system. From 2016 they started releasing phones called Pixel smartphones.

Google mobile phones have become increasingly popular in Bangladesh over the past few years due to their high-end specifications, sleek designs and competitive prices. The company offers a wide range of mobile devices, including the Google Pixel series and Nexus series, that cater to different needs and budgets.

Google Mobile Phones Price in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, Google mobile phones are widely available through online and offline retailers, including local mobile phone stores, electronic retailers and online marketplaces. The prices of these phones can vary greatly depending on the model, specification and current demand. It is important to note that Google mobile phone prices in Bangladesh are subject to change and may fluctuate due to market conditions, exchange rates and availability of new models. Customers interested in buying Google mobile phones in Bangladesh should research the latest prices and availability before purchasing.

Google Mobile Phones Price in BD

The Google Pixel is also suitable for other demanding tasks like video editing and graphic design. Powerful hardware and large, high-resolution displays make it easy to edit and view high-quality media. Overall, the Google Pixel is a high-end smartphone that offers a premium experience at a premium price in Bangladesh. Its powerful hardware and sophisticated software make it an excellent choice for gaming and other demanding tasks. On the contrary, its excellent camera capabilities make it a great choice for photography enthusiasts. If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line smartphone that can handle gaming and other demanding tasks, the Google Pixel is definitely worth considering.

Google Phones in Bangladesh

Google phones are now available in Bangladesh and are very popular smartphones. Because it has several innovative features that are loved by the people of the country. The only drawback is that Google phone doesn’t have enough apps and games available in Bangladeshi language. If you are interested in buying a Google phone, there are many things to consider. One of those things is price. Generally, they cost more than other common smartphones, but they have many features that users will benefit from. Apart from this, you need to think about how much you will be using your phone, as well as which model will be best for your needs and lifestyle. You can research online or read reviews before making a purchase decision.

Google Mobile Phones Features & Full Specification

Google has been one of the biggest names in the tech industry for years, and the company has now ventured into the smartphone market with its line of Pixel phones. Google’s Pixel phones are designed with the user in mind, offering high-quality hardware and software features that make the devices stand out from the crowd.


The Pixel phones are designed with a clean, minimalist look that sets them apart from other smartphones. The devices feature a premium metal and glass build that feels solid and high-end. The phones are available in several color options, including black, white, and several other colors.


Google’s Pixel phones are equipped with high-quality displays that offer sharp and vivid colors. The devices feature OLED displays with a high resolution, which delivers vibrant colors and deep blacks. The displays also have HDR support, making them perfect for watching movies and TV shows.


The camera is one of the standout features of the Pixel phones. The devices are equipped with a 12.2 MP dual-pixel rear camera that delivers stunning photos, even in low light conditions. The camera also has Night Sight mode, which allows you to take bright, clear photos even in the dark. The front-facing camera is an 8 MP unit that is perfect for taking selfies and video calls.


Google’s Pixel phones are powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon processors, which deliver smooth and fast performance. The devices also have plenty of RAM and storage, ensuring that you have enough space for your apps and files. The phones run on Google’s Android operating system, which is optimized for the Pixel devices and offers a seamless user experience.

Battery Life

The Pixel phones are equipped with large batteries that provide all-day battery life. The devices also have fast charging capabilities, allowing you to quickly recharge your phone when the battery is low. Additionally, the phones also have wireless charging capabilities, making it easy to charge your phone without the need for cables.


Google’s Pixel phones offer top-notch security features to keep your data and personal information safe. The devices have a fingerprint sensor for quick and secure unlocking, as well as facial recognition for added security. The phones also receive regular security updates from Google, ensuring that you always have the latest security features.

Google Mobile Phones Price in Bangladesh 2024

Model Name Price In Bangladesh
Google Pixel 6a 40,000/- Tk.
Google Pixel 7 Pro 100,000/- Tk.
Pixel 7 70,000/- Tk.
Google Pixel 6 Pro 70,000/- Tk.
Google Pixel 6 55,000/- Tk.
Pixel 5a 5G 45,000/- Tk.
Google Pixel 5 70,000/- Tk.
Google Pixel 4a 5G 42,000/- Tk.

Last Words

Google’s Pixel phones are designed to deliver a premium smartphone experience to users. The devices are equipped with high-quality hardware and software features, including a stunning camera, powerful performance, and long battery life. Whether you’re looking for a new smartphone or want to upgrade your current device, the Pixel phones are definitely worth considering.

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