Gaming Mouse Price In Bangladesh {2024}

The goal of every gamer is to win with an accurate weapon. So in competitive gaming, there is nothing worth as much as a gaming mouse does. During intense gaming, every microsecond counts. The gaming mouse’s response rate is much faster than a normal mouse. So I guess it’s pretty obvious that it actually serves its purpose. 

Let’s discuss gaming mouse prices in Bangladesh along with variations, and facts to know before buying one. Keep reading to find out which mouse is right for you.

           Gaming Mouse Price In Bangladesh

Gaming mice can be selected in accordance with the type of game you are playing. If you want to ensure high-quality gaming output, choosing your mouse correctly is essential.

Variations of Gaming mouse

As we said earlier, It depends much on your gaming type. But also there are a few factors also effects. Let us discuss this in short about that. 

  • Based on Gaming: There are many genres in e sports. Such as FPS, MMOP,RTS, MOBA. If you used to play a lot of genres, then you can go for the all-purpose mouse for sure. It will give you optimum performance. In the case of FPS, you need to do some sniping and flick shots. So you need a lightweight mouse for intense action. Games like MMOP, and RTS requires less movement but more functionality. In that case mouse with multi buttons is considered much useful. 
  • Grip Style: Three types of grip styles exist in professional gaming. claw, palm, fingertip. Your mouse shape may differ according to your grip style. If you are not comfortable with it, then how can we expect you to be the ultimate beast in your gaming time?
  • Connectivity type: Based on connection type, there are two types. Wired and wireless. Most professional gamers prefer a wired mouse to get less latency error. Previously wireless mouse caused latency issues as sometimes Bluetooth trouble a lot in connectivity. As time goes it has become as smooth as wired. Day by day wireless becomes popular among gamers. still battery life issues exist in wireless that we can’t ignore, especially in the middle of gaming, it is much embarrassing.
  • Sensor: Optical and laser mouse are the two main variations. Each has their pros and cons that we can’t ignore. The optical mouse has a good response rate but requires a mat under its surface. It cant operate without a mat. On the other hand, a laser mouse can operate on any kind of surface but it is dust sensitive. Also in the time of tight gaming situations, it sometimes gives a late response which is disappointing.

Why gaming Mouse is better than Casual Mouse?

In every aspect, a gaming mouse has something more to serve than an average mouse. It has a better DPI than a normal mouse. DPI stands for Dot Per inch. It means how fast the cursor will move on the screen when you move your hand. The better your DPI, the better gaming you can have. The gripping area is bigger in a gaming mouse. Easy to grip and move. It has more functional buttons where various kinds of tasks can be set. It makes the mouse operating more fun on your desktop. though the price is kind of high than an average mouse it is worth the price in every step.

Now We will show you some trending gaming mouse price in Bangladesh.

Product Price(BDT)
Havit HV-MS1020 RGB Backlit Gaming Mouse 1000
Rapoo V16 VPRO RGB Optical Gaming Mouse 1050
Newmen GX1 Pro 4 Buttons USB gaming mouse 1100
Redragon M612 Predator 11 Programmable Buttons RGB Gaming Mouse 1200
Gamdias ZEUS E2 RGB Gaming Mouse 1200
A4TECH Bloody V3MA Multi-Core Gun 3  1620
Meetion MT-M990S Wired RGB 1950
A4TECH Bloody J90S 2-Fire  2060
Dareu A960S Storm Ultralight RGB Gaming Mouse 2300
HyperX Pulsefire Core RGB Gaming Mouse 2500

After reading this post, maybe it’s clear to you that choosing a good gaming mouse is a long process. The mouse won’t serve you well if you don’t research it properly. So we recommend that you pick it carefully so you get the best results. Gaming mouse price in Bangladesh are pretty good. So make the balance between your budget and necessity.

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