Feature Phone Price In Bangladesh 2024

Feature phone or button phone was the first released phone in the history of mobile phone world. These phones are used only for making a phone call and sending SMS This phone had special features like polyphonic ringtones. Fortunately, Nokia button phones had an option where people could create polyphonic ringtones and save them as ringtones. Although these phones did not have many features like camera, video, HD games, GPS, browser, these phones were quite expensive. The poor people of Bangladesh are not able to buy it. Nokia was upgrading them with great features like games, java, internet browsing and even camera.

Feature Phone Price In Bangladesh

Feature phones are the most important part of the communication world. The launch of feature phones gained considerable popularity. In the modern world, it is a popular thing along with smartphones. Nowadays, feature phones are also very popular for voice calls like smartphones. A feature phone is a category of mobile phone that is a separate category from the previous generation of mobile telephones. Feature phones enjoyed unrivaled popularity until the mid-2000s. Button phones are popular among elderly people in Bangladesh for easy operation. Calling is easy with the click of a button on this type of phone. Button phones are also popular as second phones due to the need for multiple SIMs. Also, the battery life of this type of phone is longer than any other phone in the market.

Button Phone Price in BD

There was a day when feature phones were the only phones available. Giant companies like Nokia were built on the feature phone business. Nevertheless, it has not lost its appeal to many users. Although it lacks the advanced functionality of a smartphone, the feature phone has battery backup, flawless calling and SMS, torch, no need to worry about lag, expensive accessories and well built. A feature phone is very simple and easy to understand. You can teach your dad and mom to press the green button when the phone rings and press the red button to end the call. This common sense is enough for those people who are very uncomfortable with the latest technology.

What is a Keypad/Feature Phone?

Keypad mobiles are also known by other names such as basic or feature phones. Keypad/Basic/Feature phones have a color display or black-and-white non-touch screen, music player with 3.5 mm audio jack, a rear camera, medium-sized removable battery, a physical keypad, HTML browser, Internet connection. Depending on the price, some devices may get more specifications and less, though it is mainly built with a few select features and designs in mind.

Why people Choose Button Phone ?

Keypad phones are cell phones that have a physical keypad on the device. Most phones are keypad phones, but may vary in keypad layout. The decision to buy a standard or QWERTY keypad phone will depend on the user’s calling, texting, emailing and Internet-browsing habits. It can also be determined by his physical abilities. Still many people use feature phones because of simplicity as well as prefer to use physical keypad buttons while not being able to use the touch display of advanced smartphones available in the market. They come with the usual features including making calls, receiving calls, sending text .

Button Phone Price List in Bangladesh 2024

Model Name Price in BDT
Symphony L47 1450/- Tk.
Symphony M50 1700/- Tk.
Nokia 2780 Flip 12000/- Tk.
Nokia 2660 Flip 8500/- Tk.
Nokia 105 3000/- Tk.
Nokia 8210 4G 9000/- Tk.
Nokia 2760 Flip 6500/- Tk.
Xiaomi Qin F21 Pro Plus 11000/- Tk.
Itel it2175 1150/- Tk.
Itel it5621 1550/- Tk.
Itel Magic 3 2090/- Tk.
Nokia 6300 4G 5300/- Tk.
Symphony PD1 4G 3000/- Tk.
Ulefone Armor Mini 2 4250/- Tk.

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