Ethan Kazmerzak Autopsy Report (Ethan Kazmerzak Cause Of Death)

Ethan Kazmerzak was just 22 years old when he disappeared in the early morning hours of September 15th, 2013. He was last seen in Hampton, Iowa. On the evening of September 14, Ethan was seen at several different local pubs in the Hamptons area. He later went to a party in a gravel pit pond behind a house on 190th Street. Ethan car disappears with him. Because of this, many have theorized that Ethan may have driven his car into a body of water located in a rural area near the party. A pond near Olive Avenue was searched a few days after Ethan’s disappearance, but nothing was found. Divers returned to the same pond in November 2013 and still found no evidence.

Ethan Kazmerzak Cause Of Death

Iowa authorities have officially identified human remains found in a submerged car near Hampton in October. The state medical examiner identified the body as Ethan Kazmerzak . Franklin County Sheriff Aaron Dodd told KCCI that they are still investigating the circumstances of Kazmerzak death, but currently have no new leads. On October 26, 2020, Ethan Kazmerzak 2006 Volkswagen was located in a pond northwest of Hampton. With the assistance of the Story County Sheriff’s Office Dive Team, the vehicle was removed from the water around 1:30 p.m. Investigators found human remains inside the vehicle, which have been sent to the Iowa Office of the State Medical Examiner in Ankeny for identification.

Ethan Kazmerzak Autopsy Report

The medical examiner’s office says the cause and manner of death are still under investigation. A full investigation is ongoing and further details have not yet been released. In October 2020, seven years after Kazmerzak disappearance, her car was found submerged in a pond northwest of Hampton, with her body inside. His death is under investigation. Franklin County Sheriff Aaron Dodd confirmed that the Iowa State Medical Examiner’s Office identified Kazmerzak remains as those found in the vehicle. Multiple things indicated it was Kazmerzak in the car.

It is not clear why the vehicle was not seen during the professional investigative search that took place years ago. The car was found relatively close to the surface of the pond and was said to be too easy for Leisek . Because of this, some have theorized that the vehicle somehow entered the pond after the 2013 search. This has not been confirmed and the investigation is still ongoing.

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