Cat-6 Cable Price in Bangladesh 2024

Cat-6 Cable Price in Bangladesh. A dependable and fast internet connection is essential in today’s hectic environment. A reliable network infrastructure is essential for all applications, whether they are for personal or professional usage. Due to its capacity for quick and effective data transfer rates, cat-6 cables have grown in popularity. This article tries to present a thorough analysis of Cat-6 cable costs in Bangladesh along with important elements to take into account while buying these cables.

Cat-6 Cables

Twisted pair cables known as Category 6 (Cat-6) are frequently used in Ethernet networks in order to handle Gigabit Ethernet and other network protocols. They are made to prevent electromagnetic interference and crosstalk, resulting in better signal quality and less data loss. Compared to Cat-5 and Cat-5e connections, Cat-6 cables perform better, making them perfect for high-bandwidth applications like streaming, gaming, and big data transfers.

Cat-6 Cable Prices in Bangladesh

The cost of Cat-6 cables in Bangladesh might vary based on a number of elements, including length, brand, and quality. A rough pricing range for Cat-6 cables in the Bangladeshi market is as follows:

Short Length Cables (1-10 meters):

  • Local/Non-branded: BDT 150-300
  • Popular Brands: BDT 300-600

Medium Length Cables (10-20 meters):

  • Local/Non-branded: BDT 350-600
  • Popular Brands: BDT 600-1,000

Long Length Cables (20+ meters):

  • Local/Non-branded: BDT 600-1,000
  • Popular Brands: BDT 1,000-1,800

Factors Affecting Cat-6 Cable Prices

Cable Length: The cost of Cat-6 cables varies with the desired length. Longer cables often cost more since more materials are needed to make them.

Brand and Product Quality: Prices for well-known companies with a track record for premium goods are frequently higher. It may be tempting to choose less expensive, unknown manufacturers, but it’s crucial to make sure the cables adhere to the necessary performance and durability criteria.

Shielding: The two primary varieties of Cat-6 cables are shielded (STP) and unshielded (UTP). Although shielded cables often cost more than their unshielded counterparts, they provide higher immunity to outside interference.

Certification: Due to their strict commitment to quality criteria, Cat-6 cables that comply with certain industry standards, such as TIA/EIA-568 or ISO/IEC 11801, are often more expensive.

Where to Buy Cat-6 Cables in Bangladesh?

Cat-6 cables are available in Bangladesh from a number of retailers, including Local merchants and stores that sell computer gear. Online stores including Pickaboo, Daraz, and AjkerDeal. Distributors who are authorized to sell well-known brands like D-Link, TP-Link, and Belkin.

Last Words

An effective way to guarantee a dependable and effective network infrastructure is to spend money on high-quality Cat-6 cables. Price variations may occur based on length, brand, and quality, but it’s important to combine performance and cost. You may make an informed choice when buying Cat-6 cables in Bangladesh by taking into account the elements discussed in this article and doing extensive research.

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