BMW Car Price in Bangladesh 2024

Bayerische Motoren Werke stands for BMW which is the most popular luxury car manufacturing company. This German four wheeler manufacturing giant has only one competitor and that is Mercedes-Benz. Meghna Group is authorized importer of BMW vehicles in Bangladesh. Luxury loving people this could be the one you wanted. Today’s BMW is a luxury car brand name, well known in Bangladesh as well as globally. But today’s BMW has a history.

BMW is known as an expensive car brand in Bangladesh. There are some models of new BMW cars in the Bangladeshi market, but all of them are expensive from Bangladeshi point of view. Several BMW car models are sold in Bangladesh every year. Basically, not only in Bangladesh, but in the entire South Asian market, this expensive BMW car is selling less. The main reason is cost. Here in this region very few people can afford such expensive cars.

BMW Car Price in Bangladesh

It is true that BMW cars are expensive, but they are still readily available in Bangladesh. But the problem is that the amount of government tax is high. As a result, the price of BMW cars in the Bangladesh market is sky high. Around Bangladesh, very few segment of customer group can afford such expensive cars. Most of the BMW brand cars are priced beyond the expectations of Bangladeshi customers. BMW-X3, BMW-X7, BMW-5 Series Sedan, BMW- 7 Series Sedan, BMW-3 Series Sedan, BMW-X1, and BMW-X 2 are some of the common and available models in Bangladesh.

BMW Car Price in Bangladesh 2024

BMW Car Engine Price Range in BD
BMW X1 1998 cc BDT.85-92 Lakh
BMW X2 1998 cc BDT.85-90 Lakh
BMW X3 1998 cc BDT.1.35 Crore
BMW X5 2993 cc BDT.1.98 Crore
BMW X7 2993 cc BDT.2.5 Crore
BMW 2 Series 1998 cc BDT.70 Lakh
BMW 3 Series 2993 cc BDT.1.15 – 1.20 Crore
BMW 5 Series 2993 cc BDT.1.35 Crore
BMW 7 Series 2993 cc BDT.2.56 Crore

How To Choose Best BMW Car In Bangladesh ?

BMW is one of the luxury car brands in the international market. A major car manufacturer in the country, BMW car models are manufactured in India and exported to various parts of the world. Over the years, the brand has introduced many international models that enhance the thrill of driving. Visit a BMW showroom and you will be greeted by a huge portfolio of models comprising of sedans, SUVs, coupes and more. This long list of models makes selecting a BMW car model an overwhelming and tedious task.

Last Words

Buy now according to your budget if you want to buy your favorite BMW Car In 2024.

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