Bajaj bike price in Bangladesh

Bajaj bikes are one of the most famous brands of motorcycles. They produce almost every kind of motorbikes including super bikes, sport bikes, touring bikes, city bikes and so on. These bikes are sold all over the world. Here we will discuss Bajaj bike price and features in Bangladesh.

Bajaj bike price in Bangladesh

Bajaj is one of the most famous Indian moto companies. They were first established in the year 1920 by the Bajaj brothers, Jagdish Bajaj, and Balwant Bajaj. Today, they are a renowned motorcycle manufacturer in India. Bajaj bikes are considered as one of the best motorcycles in the world. 

Why is Bajaj Bike popular?

Well, when a brand is popular among the people of all levels,that means it fulfills all the basic needs. Lets see why this company dominates all over the world.

  • Budget friendly:

 You can buy a Bajaj bike within your budget. No matter what your budget. It may be high, it may be low but that doesn’t matter at all. They have normal bikes like CT100 and also they have bikes like KTM duke also. So there are a lot of options in time of buying for you.

  • Durability:

They made their bike durable and flexible so that anyone can drive them with much comfort. Their parts are durable and a good fit for long drive purposes. There is no chance that you will face a problem with parts during a long trip.

  • Design:

As they made some bikes on a tight budget,that doesn’t mean they sacrifice the design part. They keep it stylish and lucrative no matter what bike you are choosing. They always focus on the design more than anything. It’s a huge favor for their business.

  • Fuel efficiency:

Bajaj bikes always made bikes that are fuel efficient in their way. You can easily go for a long trip without worrying about fuel. Extra cost of fuel is no more if you make your way with Bajaj.That kind of motto of their business.

  • Parts availability:

All the accessories and parts can be purchased from any kind of motorshop if we are talking about Bajaj motorcycles. Just imagine you are stuck in the middle of a road,after pushing your bike for 2 miles at a stretch, you find a garage and all the parts you need are right there. What a wonderful moment for a biker. That’s true isn’t it?

Bajaj Bike price of Various Model

Bike name  Price(BDT)
Bajaj Platina 110 ES 99,000
Bajaj Platina 110 H gear 111,000
Bajaj discover 110 111,500
Bajaj discover 125 131,000
Bajaj Avenger 160 232,500
Bajaj Pulsar Neon 150 154,900
Pulsar 150 single disc 170,000
Pulsar 150 twin disc 185,500
Pulsar 150 ABS 196,900
Pulsar NS 160  206,200

Among them, the Pulsar is the most popular model of all. It’s their best seller bike of all time. The reason why it has become so popular is their design,durability and fuel efficiency. When you buy a pulsar , you are buying a semi-sports bike with lots of combo. This type of product not many companies can produce. Only Bajaj has made it possible for decacdes. That’s why bajaj bike price in Bangladesh are ideal for Bangladeshi people so far.


We just make some basic statements about Bajaj bike price,why it’s Popular in Bangladesh. You can now get a very clear idea about this company and decide easily which bike of Bajaj you can go for. There are many varieties and models out there. You can choose according to your budget. Thanks for reading, let us know what you think about this post.

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