Apache 4v price in Bangladesh

With each passing year, the TVS Apache RTR 160 4V improves upon its already groundbreaking performance and technology. The 2021 TVS Apache RTR 160 4V breaks new ground with features like Ride Modes and Smart Connect,To run a race under any and all conditions. Today we will do a brief about Apache 4v price in Bangladesh.

Apache 4v price in Bangladesh

There is some good reason why this bike has gained much popularity over time. We will go in depth about that and you will find out soon enough why you should buy this bike.

Apache 4v vital Features:

We can divide the features in 2  parts. Let’s see what this beast is capable of on the road.


  • Ride modes:There are 3 ride modes.
  1. urban mode which is perfect for jungle roads as there are many struggles in the road due to nature.
  2. rain mode is for on a rainy day.When the road is slippery and there is risk of falling down, you can enable it and enjoy the rain with your Apache 4V.
  3.  sport mode; it’s for when you are in a mood for some ultimate race. In this mode everything is maximized so that you can get some top notch performance on the road.
  • Adjustable levers: It has 3 levels of adjustable clutch and brake levers. Now you can optimize them any time within your demand. No need for an extra tool to do that.
  • RT-FI: The word RT-FI stands for Race tuned fuel injection. This is a new tech specially for racers. The reason why racers love it most is because it enhances the engines durability, better oil emission that means no fuel wastage,proper optimization for the engine for the whole engine life span.
  • O3C engine: This new type of engine uses an oxygen sensor with a high compressor to make the maximum usage of every drop of oil. That’s why Apache 4v performs as its best during the ride.
  • GTT:– A very useful feature if you are on a busy traffic road. We all know the trouble, don’t we? By GTT technology, you can increase or decrease your speed within seconds and make your urban ride more joyful.
  • Racing Tyres: Apache 4v Provides racing tyres which makes the journey more smooth and safe. As racing tyres can grab much grip on a  road so it will improve your braking experience to a new level.
  • Exhaust: This beast bike comes with a double exhaust barrel. So the gas that is stored in the engine will go out faster and as a result it will provide more power to your engine.


Now we will talk about the outlook of this bike. It has an aggressive looking headlight,fuel tank and side mirror. So when you ride on the road, it makes you look like a beast roaming on the road with pride. The fully digital speedometer will let you record your top speed report.so that you can beat your previous record on the track. New engine cowl has been added to make sure your engine won’t get hurt on a bumpy or bad road.

Apache 4v Price in Bangladesh:

Product name Price(BDT)
TVS Apache RTR 160 4v-Single Disc 1,86,900
TVS Apache RTR 160 4v-Double Disc 1,96,900

Pros and Cons:

Though Apache 4v is a nice bike, we can’t ignore the fact that it has some good and bad sides.


  • Lucrative design
  • Well tuned engine with much fuel efficiency
  • Updated gearbox for better shifting
  • Large servicing network so riders won’t find it very hard to make some repairs if they need any.


  • Lack of performance during long drive. Engine cant perform the same in the long tour.
  • Not an ideal bike for taller drivers.
  • Engines can’t do proper shifting if anyone tries to shift it in a longer period.

Apache 4v is a much hyped bike among the young generation. They love it mostly for its unique design and aggressive racer look. We added Apache 4v price in Bangladesh along with some specifications so that you can have some knowledge about it.

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