Best Air Conditioner (AC) Price in Bangladesh

In a hot and humid country like Bangladesh, being able to beat the heat in the comfort of your home is a luxury. Ceiling fans have helped with this to some extent, but dangerously high mercury levels due to global warming have rendered them useless. When air conditioner or AC entered the scene in this country, it seemed that only the rich could afford it, as AC was a symbol of class. Our country sells different types of air conditioners like General, Gree, Media, Xiaomi, Elite, Walton, etc. Fix your budget before buying AC. Because right now there are various budget air conditioning devices in the market including split or window or split inverter AC. And according to those qualities or characteristics, their prices also fluctuate. So once the budget is fixed, these few things should be kept in mind before buying an air conditioner.

Best Air Conditioner Price in Bangladesh

It is difficult to carry on with our normal activities and even sleep on very hot days. At high temperatures, our brain stops working and our muscles slow down. We experience tension, lethargy and unpleasant smells. Even fans do not protect us from sweating when it is 38° to 40°C which is a very common sight in a country like ours. You definitely need an air conditioner to enjoy cool and cool air in your living environment. Buying an air conditioner is the most effective solution in this situation. Air conditioners not only cool hot temperatures but also circulate and filter air. It removes pollutants and mold from the air. So there are a few things you need to consider while buying an air conditioner. Like energy efficiency, room size, air quality, cooling speed etc.

In Bangladesh, different types of air conditioners are available in different price ranges depending on the purpose. Depending on the brand and features, some ACs cost more and some less When buying AC in Bangladesh online, you can compare other amenities and prices of air conditioners in Bangladesh with other sellers Who guarantee your genuine product. There are different types and models of AC in our country but there are two main types of air conditioners.

Feature Of Air Conditioner (AC) 

Inverter series AC price in Bangladesh technology now to reduce your electricity bill. An air conditioner inverter technology can control the compressor speed and continuously control the room temperature and save 30-50% energy consumption. The compressor works at its full capacity when it is on and consumes full electricity. When the thermostat achieves the set temperature level in air conditioner price in bangladesh and the fan starts working, the compressor stops working. But, in an inverter air conditioner the compressor is always on and its speed and power are varied accordingly.

In contrast, a non-inverter air conditioner has a constant cooling capacity. By stopping and starting the compressor frequently, it regulates the air temperature. On average, it has high temperature fluctuations and energy consumption. Hence, it is better to buy an inverter air conditioner to save some money by paying lower bills with maximum comfort. But, if your budget is low, then you should buy a non-inverter air conditioner because of the cheaper price range.

List of Air Conditioner Price in Bangladesh 2024

AC Model Name Price in BDT
Samsung Inverter AC | AR18TVHYDWKUFE | 1.5 Ton 91,000 Tk.
Samsung Inverter AC | AR12TVHDWKUFE | 1 Ton 70,000 Tk.
Transtec Super Inverter Air Conditioner | TRS-18ISE | 1.5 Ton 80,000 Tk.
Haier HSU 18CTR/WSR1 1.5 Ton AC 57,000 Tk.
Gree GSH-24PUV410 2.0 TonPular Split Type AC-H&C 75,000 Tk.
Daikin Inverter FTKL24TV16D 2 TON Air Conditioner 95,000 Tk.
Xiaomi Viomi A1 1 Ton Split Type Smart Air Conditioner 40,000 Tk
WSI-INVERNA (SUPERSAVER)-18C, 1.5 Ton 72,000 Tk.

Last Words

Buy now according to your budget if you want to buy your favorite AC.

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