4K Monitor price in Bangladesh 2024

The world of visual technology has witnessed significant advances in recent years, and 4K monitors are at the forefront of this revolution. These high-resolution displays have taken computing, gaming, design and entertainment to new heights. In Bangladesh, the 4K monitor market has expanded rapidly, giving consumers plenty of options to choose from. This comprehensive article aims to provide an in-depth analysis of 4K monitor prices in Bangladesh, highlighting the factors influencing pricing, popular brands and key considerations for potential buyers.

4K Monitors Overview 

A 4K monitor, also known as an Ultra High Definition (UHD) monitor, has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, four times the resolution of Full HD. This higher pixel density results in incredibly sharp images, vibrant colors and enhanced clarity, making 4K monitors especially attractive for professional tasks such as video editing, graphic design and CAD work. Additionally, they provide an immersive experience for gamers and cinephiles, displaying intricate details and textures that were previously impossible to perceive.

4K Monitor price in Bangladesh

Model Name  Price in BDT
LG 27QN600-B 27 inch FreeSync QHD 75Hz IPS Monitor 39,500/- Tk. 
GameMax GMX27F4KWU 27″ 4K UHD Gaming Monitor 40,500/- Tk. 
Asus VP32UQ 31.5 inch 4K UHD IPS Monitor 65,000/- Tk. 
LG 27UN880 27 Inch UltraFine 4K UHD IPS Ergo Professional Monitor 75,500/- Tk. 
ASUS ProArt Display PA279CRV 27″ 4K HDR Monitor 77,500/- Tk. 
LG 32UN880-B 32″ UltraFine Ergo 4K UHD HDR10 Professional Monitor 97,000/- Tk. 
LG 43UN700-B 43” 4K UHD IPS Multi Tasking Monitor 108,000/- Tk. 
LG 32GQ950-B 32 Inch UltraGear 4K UHD 144Hz 1ms G-SYNC Nano IPS Gaming Monitor 178,000/- Tk. 
ASUS ProArt PA32UCR-K 32″ Professional 4K Monitor 232,500/- Tk. 
LG 27EP950-B 27 Inch UltraFine OLED Pro 4K Professional Monitor 310,000/- Tk. 
LG 32EP950-B 32 Inch UltraFine OLED Pro 4K Professional Monitor 445,000/- Tk. 

Factors Influencing 4K Monitor Price in Bangladesh

Display Technology: The type of panel technology used in the monitor, such as IPS (In-Plane Switching), TN (Twisted Nematic), or OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode), significantly affects the price. IPS panels offer better color accuracy and wider viewing angles, but can be more expensive.

Refresh rate and response time: Monitors with higher refresh rates and faster response times generally cost more, as they cater to gamers and those seeking smoother animations and less motion blur.

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HDR (High Dynamic Range): HDR technology increases contrast and color accuracy, resulting in a more vivid visual experience. Monitors with HDR capabilities are often priced at a premium.

Connectivity options: The availability of ports like USB-C, HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB hubs can affect the price, especially if the monitor supports advanced connectivity features.

Size and Brand: Larger screen sizes and well-known brands command higher prices due to increased demand and premium build quality.

Popular Brands and Their Offerings

Dell: Dell is famous for making a wide range of high-quality monitors, including 4K models. Their UltraSharp and Alienware series cater to professionals and gamers respectively, with prices varying based on specifications.

LG: LG 4K monitors often feature the latest technology, such as Nano IPS panels and HDR support. They offer a balance between performance and affordability.

Asus: Asus ROG (Republic of Gamers) monitors offer a top-level gaming experience with high refresh rates and response times, but they’re usually priced at a premium.

BenQ: BenQ offers a variety of 4K monitors suitable for a variety of applications, including design, gaming and multimedia consumption. Their focus on color accuracy is a notable feature.

How to Select Best 4K Monitor in Bangladesh?

Choosing the best 4K monitor in Bangladesh requires careful consideration of your specific needs, preferences and budget. With a plethora of options available, it’s important to focus on the key factors that will ensure you make an informed decision. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you choose the best 4K monitor in Bangladesh:

  • Define your purpose: Determine how you plan to use the monitor. Are you a gamer, a creative professional or someone who enjoys using multimedia? Different purposes require different features.
  • Budget allocation: Set a budget range based on your financial capabilities. 4K monitor prices in Bangladesh vary widely, so keeping a budget in mind will help narrow down your options.
  • Display technology: Choose the appropriate panel technology based on your usage. IPS panels offer better color accuracy and wider viewing angles, making them suitable for design and content creation. TN panels may be preferred by gamers due to their fast response times.
  • Size Matters: Consider monitor size relative to your workspace and personal preferences. Larger screens provide a more immersive experience, but make sure it fits comfortably on your desk.
  • Resolution and Pixel Density: Since you’re looking at a 4K monitor, the resolution is already set. Focus on pixel density, which delivers higher and sharper images and text on smaller screens.
  • HDR Support: High Dynamic Range (HDR) enhances contrast and color, creating a more vivid and realistic visual experience. If you value superior image quality, consider a monitor with HDR support.
  • Connectivity options: Make sure the monitor has essential ports like HDMI, DisplayPort and USB-C for seamless connectivity to your devices. An additional USB hub or audio output may be important.
  • Brand Reputation: Research reputable brands known for making high-quality monitors. Brands like Dell, LG, Asus and BenQ are popular for their 4K monitor offerings
  • Warranty and Support: Check the warranty period and customer support provided by the manufacturer. A long warranty provides peace of mind in case of any problems.
Last Words 
The field of 4K monitors in Bangladesh has evolved rapidly, offering a variety of options to suit different preferences and needs. Prices may fluctuate and new features may emerge as technology continues to advance. Understanding the factors that affect price, researching popular brands and making an informed decision based on individual needs are essential steps for anyone looking to invest in a 4K monitor. Whether you are a creative professional, an avid gamer, or simply someone who appreciates high-quality visuals, the world of 4K monitors in Bangladesh offers something for every enthusiast.

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